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Epsom Salt Sprays for Foliar Feeding

Epsom salt has proved to be a magic ingredient, considering its many beneficial properties for plants. We will discuss Epsom salt spray for plants here. Read on...
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Sep 27, 2018
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Green is one color that is a favorite among people with love for gardening. Don't we all love our plants and do all that it takes, to give it nutrition so that it grows to its best?
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We also know that sunlight and water alone are not enough for the plant to grow. There are many nutrients that may be required by the plant for good and fruitful growth. So along with the proper balance of soil, fertilizers and other form of nutrients come to the picture.
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Commercial fertilizers usually will have the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. There is another name that has a big contribution, when it comes to fertilization, and that is Epsom salt. Most of you will be aware of this salt.
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Let us get a glimpse of what is Epsom salt, to exactly know its role in fertilizing plants. Epsom salt is nothing but a mineral that is a combination of magnesium and sulfate; it is actually a salt that contains hydrated magnesium sulfate.
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It is easily available in most of the grocery and fertilizer stores. It has many beneficial uses, which is considered helpful for the human body and for the plants as well. This is used directly as salt and added to the soil, and many also use this salt diluted with water as foliage spray and feeding.
Epsom Salt Foliar Feed
To begin with, Epsom salt is rich in two minerals that is magnesium and sulfur. Both these enhance the growth of the plant. Now magnesium has a benefit for encouraging chlorophyll in plants, which is crucial for photosynthesis, which also gives the plant its green color.
It also gives more fruit to the plant and builds a strong cell wall, aiding more consumption of vital minerals. So you get stronger, greener and fruitful plants. Sulfur also benefits the plant with good absorption of nutrients, aids production of amino acids and enzymes in the plant.
You can easily get this salt, it is not expensive and it is available in granular form. You can mix this with soil and feed the plants. However, experts believe that this salt works better when dissolved with water. This is possible by mixing it in water and watering the plants. Or another beneficial option is to use water mixed with this salt.
Epsom salt foliage spray for plants is an excellent option, as when sprayed on the leaves, this is easily absorbed by the plants, as compared to absorption from soil. Many gardeners suggest that certain plants like tomatoes and pepper, have better absorption of minerals when sprayed with Epsom salt with water.
The spray also protects the plants from pests and prevents rotting. Some other benefits include convenience and the ease of application, when it comes to foliage spray.
A study conducted on gardeners for testing Epsom salt, concluded that the method of diluting it with water and using as foliar spray was more reliable to ensure that plants absorb and get their mineral content. Plants will not absorb dry magnesium, specially in alkaline soil, where potassium content is already high. So, a foliar spray is most recommended.
This salt as we know is easily available, and most of the packages will contain instructions on how to use it effectively. For foliage sprays the most recommended dosage is: dissolve 1 tablespoon of this salt for each gallon of water.
For most of the flowers, spray once the first leaves open and then spray after they flower. For the rest like tomato and pepper spray when planting, first blossoming and then after fruiting. There are certain plants that do not blossom well with Epsom, like sage.
Epsom salt spray for plants is just another remedy for gardening that is easy and beneficial. So do not simply over-do spraying. Give the plant just the right amount of shower with this spray, at right intervals!