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Epic Backyards That Inspire Recreational and Hobby Ideas

Mikkie Mills Oct 19, 2019
Many people travel in the summer but during autumn’s shorter days, they may want to stay at home. Luckily, that doesn’t have to mean you stay inside and watch shows all day. With just a little time and effort you can redo your outdoor space, big or small, and have grand fun in your own backyard. Right features can ensure fun for all age groups.

Outdoor Kitchen

People love to gather over food, so outdoor entertainment begins with an outdoor kitchen. A firepit is a must for spring and fall evenings, plumb a natural gas line from the house so you can have fire at the flick of a switch or go rustic and burn wood.
Install lighting; illuminate steps and other obstacles for safety and string café lights for ambience.


Nothing adds more of a wow factor like having a pool. The key is incorporating the right size pool gracefully into the yard’s overall design. Turn to professionals; to start, conduct a quick internet search such as pool designs in Maryland or other areas close to you.
A well-designed custom pool provides beautiful landscaping, summer cooling, and recreation.

Building A Treehouse

As a kid you probably dreamed of a tree house—now is the time to make that dream come true. Express your personality with décor and fun details like windows, secret cubbyholes and whimsical lighting.
Add a few recreational features like rope bridges to other trees, a zipline and a rope swing underneath. Building this could be a fun hobby for you.

Sand/Cement for Recreational Activities

Large backyards is a lot of work because landscape features often need maintenance. Make a portion of the yard all about recreation by installing areas for sports.
Pave a section of yard and install a basketball hoop or construct a sand court for volleyball. This is great for hobby as backyard building and later on can be used for recreational activities.


You may not think of open lawn as being much fun, but a little creativity can turn a blank space into blockbuster entertainment.
Foam dart or laser tag can be played with just two people or up to dozens and doesn’t even require that the ground be level. For soccer, rugby and football all you need to add is a ball. You can have your own hobbies right outside.