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Enclosed Patio Ideas

Puja Lalwani Dec 12, 2018
The reasons you need an enclosed patio may be many, and fortunately, so are the design ideas for the same. Here's a look at some of them that will prompt uniqueness in you, and enable you to design the perfect outdoor space.
Those who have the luxury of a patio know what it is to be able to unwind outdoors and take in the beauty of nature. Sometimes that is all you need, to get away from everything, to think things through, to clear out your thoughts, or just cozy up with a book and a cup of cocoa.
Whatever your needs for a patio may be, sometimes, having an enclosed patio gets essential. How can you enjoy the outdoors if it is raining hard? What if you want a calm breeze and not the strong wind blowing outside? What if you want to enjoy the outdoors even if it is freezing cold or extremely hot?
In all such scenarios,an enclosed patio lets you enjoy the outdoors without having to bear seasonal atrocities of nature.
You will find that to enclose patios, there are not only a multitude of designs, but also a multitude of materials that you can use. Some wonderful ideas that you can inspire from, have been discussed here.

Glass Extension

One of the best ideas is to use glass to cover up the external space. You could use a mix of clear and frosted glass for openness and privacy at the same time. Remember to include windows so that you can enjoy the fresh air that nature brings to you.
A great idea when using glass as an enclosure is to have window seats running along the perimeter of the patio. It not only adds additional seating, but is a great space for you to cozy up and enjoy the rains. Put up curtains on the inside so the room doesn't heat up too much in the summers. Use modern tiled flooring and furniture to complete the look.

Three sided Curtains

So, you live in an area where no season is too harsh. In such a case, try enclosing your patio only with curtains. Build a deck below the extended slab to work as a roof for your patio, and build columns at equal levels so that you can then cover them up with curtains.
Draw the curtains for privacy, and open them up when you want to enjoy the outdoors. There are specific curtains available for patios, so you needn't worry about their care and maintenance.
To add a dash of color, try out curtains in different colors instead of focusing on the flooring or the furniture. Enjoy the space by throwing together some bamboo mats, floor cushions, and low seating to truly bask in the glory of nature.

Bamboo Enclosures

Bamboos are a beautiful, eco-friendly material to use and truly epitomize the concept of green living. If you think walls and glass are too imposing, get closer to nature by building a structure out of bamboo sticks to enclose your patio.
If you don't want them to pack you completely, consider having them in a crisscross design. These look absolutely gorgeous when the area is completely constructed. Try out blinds for additional privacy. Get a rustic look with terracotta flooring, wicker furniture, and antique light fixtures. It is the perfect entertainment zone, and a relaxing area too.

Sky-Lit Enclosed Patios

Who has not dreamed of a house with a skylight where the early morning sunlight filters in while we enjoy our cup of tea? Well, this dream can actually materialize when you use pergola to form the roof of your patio, and then place glass in between these.
For this, it is a good idea to have larger spaces between the pergola so that there is a substantial amount of light filtering through the glass. Have lamps hanging from the pergola at different levels for a unique look. Allow the rest of the enclosure to be properly built with walls and windows. The skylight should be the focus of this unique design.
To enhance it further, make sure there is enough greenery within, the right mix of natural and artificial light, and perhaps a water feature. Don't overload the space with too much furniture.
You don't want the room to look too cramped. Take inspiration from these ideas to come up with creations of your own, where you can sit back, relax, and bask in the beauty of all that nature has to offer you.