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A Landscaper's Guide to Edging Stones And Their Uses

Sujata Iyer Jun 30, 2019
By using edging stones, you can transform the outside of your home and make different areas easily identifiable. Further, we'll give you some options for the same.
If you live in an individual house, you most probably have a yard, a driveway, and a garden as well. If you have one or all of the above, you must take proper measures to make sure that they are well-protected and maintained. You can do this by edging specific areas off.
You can do this by edging specific areas off. And if you're thinking about what you should use to edge them, here's your answer, edging stones. Here, you'll get some ideas on which stones can be used and how to use them as well. So read on and decide which one you want to go with.

Benefits of Edging

Before getting to the kind of materials you can use for edging, you ought to know why you need to edge the areas. Given ahead are some of the reasons why edging is a good idea.


Edging an area gives it a distinct boundary. This helps to identify it as a separate section from the rest of the area.


By giving a separate border, you ensure that nothing from the outside goes inside and vice versa.


By highlighting a particular area, you draw the focus to it and all the due attention can be given to it.


Apart from all the pragmatic uses given here, edging an area makes it looks decorative and pleasant. It adds to the aesthetic value of the outdoor d├ęcor of your home. You would rather have different well-defined areas than a huge jumble of areas, all clashing with one another, right?

Edging Stones

In the sections below, we'll give you an idea of how you can use different types of stones to edge different areas in your outdoors. Though they have been said to be for specific areas, you can interchange them as per your choice and convenience. 


Slate is a good option as a landscaping stone. You can use it in the middle of your yard to edge a walkway from the entrance of the house to the end of the yard, onto the street. It comes in a deep gray shade and if laid properly, gives a neat and tidy look to your landscape. 


For all those who are willing to experiment with a little color and pattern for their landscape design, terracotta is the stone to use. It is one of the most popular stones for landscaping because of its rich color.
You can have it patterned according to your choice or you can browse through stores for some uniquely designed ones to edge a flower patch or a pond or a small over-bridge in your landscape.


If you're looking for a classic option, then you absolutely must go with stone. You can use different sizes of stone in an area dedicated for a pond or a fountain. You can also have a gorgeous rock garden in your compound and have it bordered with small stones.


One of the most popular options when it comes to edging stones is gravel. Yes, the small and big, smooth and crude, colored and plain pebbles, that are used to make walkways in the middle of a garden.
Instead of using them inside, why not use them to line a concrete walkway instead? Just make sure that they themselves have another border, so that they don't spread around.


Another widely used option for edging stones is brick. You can either have bricks placed horizontally or vertically lining your walkway or driveway. Or you can have their diagonal edges face the sky. 

Decorated Concrete

One of the most durable options to edge driveways is concrete. It is the sturdiest and attractive. There are many styles and patterns of concrete stones to give your driveway an inspiring look. You can have a Georgian style, a Victorian style or go for something modern.

Cast Stone

The final option that we will give you is cast stone. This is not really stone, it is a synthetically-prepared replication of stone which has everything: its feel, look, durability, etc. It can be used as a substitute for real stone as it serves all the same purposes.
With all these options for edging stones, you'll definitely be able to come up with a decent idea of what will suit your home the best. So, go on get yourself an edgy outdoor!