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Effective Removal of Earwigs

Chandramita Bora Jul 7, 2019
It is possible to get rid of an earwig infestation by following some simple methods. Learn more about earwigs, and how to control earwig infestations in your house, here.
Earwigs are the insects of the order Dermaptera, which includes about 12 families and 2000 species of insects. Insects of the order Dermaptera can be more commonly found in America, Australia, and Eurasia. Earwigs are also known by the names of 'earwig bugs' and 'pincerbugs'.
A few species of earwigs are known to be carnivorous, but the majority of them are omnivorous, and they can be found in damp, moist, and dark places. But sometimes, they can enter your house, which can be a real nuisance. But it is possible to remove these insects from your house.

Earwigs Control

The earwig got its name from the myth that it can creep inside the human ear and then enter the brain. In the brain, the insect is believed to lay eggs and damage the cranial nerves. But earwigs entering the human ear is an extremely rare condition. Moreover, these insects usually take refuge in dark and damp places and not in your bedroom.
In fact, they are attracted by moisture, and therefore, they take shelter in garden debris and mulch. But occasionally, they can enter the damp, dark, and high moisture areas of your house as well. In such a situation, you can consider the following methods for getting rid of this insect.
✔ Try to find out why and how these insects are entering your house. There may be damp debris around your house that can attract these insects. So, consider to clean up the foundation around your house, and try to keep it as clean and dry as possible.
✔ You can consider to place some white stones and gravel around the foundation of your house to discourage the entry of these critters.

✔ Boric acid is a natural insecticide for pest control. Just spray some boric powder in the corners where you can spot earwigs.
✔ If you have ground level windows in your house, they can serve as the entry points for insects like earwigs. Look for any small cracks and openings in the window frames or between the windows, and seal them off immediately. Secure properly-fitting window screens.
✔ Small cracks and openings can also be there in the doors and door frames. Seal such holes and cracks with weatherstripping or putty.

✔ Along with the doors and windows, inspect the entire house for holes and openings through which earwigs can enter. Be sure to seal off such cracks and openings as soon as possible.
✔ Vinegar is a good insect repellent, and you can use it to wipe the areas that may serve as the entry points for these pesky insects.

✔ Citrus oil and cayenne pepper are some natural insect repellents that can be sprayed in earwig-infested areas of your house.
✔ You can also use diatomaceous earth, the sharp edges of which can cut through the exoskeleton of insects and dehydrate them.

✔ If you can spot earwigs in groups, then get the vacuum cleaner and vacuum them immediately, and dispose them in a sealed container.
✔ To control the population of earwigs in your garden, be sure to remove garden debris, where they prefer to take shelter.

✔ To discourage the entry of insects in your house, dispose the garbage and the trash regularly.
If these measures fail to remove earwigs from your house, you can consider to use appropriate insecticides or pesticides. However, use them with caution, as many insecticides can be toxic to humans and pets. So, if you decide to use insecticides, use them as per the instructions given by the manufacturer, or take the help of a professional.