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How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Your Garden

Shalu Bhatti Feb 15, 2019
Are you tired dealing with the 'uninvited' earwigs in the garden? Read to know why they are there in the first place, and what are some effective ways to get rid of them!
Earwigs are often confused with cockroaches, but their pincer tail is a sure identification. They are commonly found in the garden due to the moist and damp environment of the garden.
A couple of them won't do much harm to your plants. On the contrary, having some earwigs in your garden can prove to be beneficial as they also eat up certain insects and larvae that can damage the plants!
However, if your garden has a lot of herbs, roses, zinnias, dahlias, marigold, and corn tassels, along with a damp and moist environment, you can be sure to have them in large numbers in your garden, as these plants are the hot favorites of earwigs!

Why are Earwigs Found in the Garden?

The reason of why your garden invites them is based on how you keep your garden! Unlike many other insects, earwigs are attracted to areas with are moist, damp and has a lot of potential to breed on.
Another reason why your garden has these uninvited guests is, because they can find an ideal shelter under the moist or mulch on the garden beds or under the potted plants. If your garden has huge stones with lots of moisture and fungus under them growing for weeks, then these will also attract earwigs.

Ways to Get Rid of Earwigs in the Garden

Getting rid of them is easy if you give yourself a little time! Would you leave an ideal locality to stay in within a day? No! Similarly even earwigs need to be trapped to leave your garden. Given next are some effective ways that will tell you how to get rid of these menaces.

Caution: Be careful of the earwig bite! Though not harmful, it is very painful!

Newspapers Aren't for News Only!

Yes, you can also use newspapers to trap earwigs! How? It's very simple. All you need to do is to take some rolled-up newspapers with a rubber band tied, and dampen it to the extent that it stays intact and doesn't fall apart! If you want, you can use a cardboard box as well.
The next step would be to place it in the garden during the night at the place where you have observed the presence of earwigs in abundance. Keep it overnight. The next morning you will find a bunch of earwigs inside the newspaper traps as they look for a damp shelter to stay in. Seal the newspapers and cardboard boxes in a plastic bag and throw them away!

Use Vegetable Oil to Trap Them!

Pour about ½ inch of vegetable oil in a low-sided can. You can use the used vegetable oil for this.
Place an apple in the can and keep the can in the garden area where earwigs are found the most. Leave this trap overnight and see the next morning. You will find a bunch of earwigs drowned in the vegetable oil. The sweet smell of apple attracted them towards the trap!

Make Bird Baths in Your Garden

Another way of exterminating earwigs from your garden is to invite birds who can feed on them! Make bird baths and install bird feeders in your garden to attract birds. They will eat earwigs and other insects in the garden and help control them.

Use Dishwashing Soap!

Another earwig removal method from the plants of the garden is to pour a mixture of 1 tablespoon of regular dishwashing soap and about a gallon of water, into the roots of the plants. Earwigs also feed on the roots of the plants, therefore this mixture will prove to be poisonous for them, but will have no effect on the plants.

Keep the Garden Dry and Clean

Another tip is to sun dry the garden areas. If there are huge stones underlying fungi and moisture, then turn them over and allow them to dry under sunlight. Also make sure to clean your garden furniture including pots, patio chairs, etc.

Use Insecticide Spray

If the condition is too bad, then you can also opt for many sprays available in the market to kill earwigs and other insects in your garden! Although, as a warning, make sure you keep the pesticides out of reach from children and read the instructions very carefully before using them.
The aforementioned methods are very efficient in getting rid of earwigs. However, you can always seek professional help if you don't want to go through the pain of making earwigs traps, and are looking for a more instant remedy. In any case, make sure you keep your surroundings clean to keep the uninvited earwigs away. All the best!