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Dwarf Mondo Grass

Sujata Iyer Mar 17, 2019
Dwarf mondo grass is becoming a very popular substitute for regular grass. Let's find out here.
One of the most important parts of a landscape or a garden is the lawn: the vast expanse of green that acts as a base, a cover, and a canvas for the vivid hues that are to follow.
Whether you add flowering plants all over the lawn or you keep it plain and green, you need to make sure that the grass you use in the lawn is green, clean, and looks lush and healthy always. The key to this is proper care and a sound knowledge of which grass to use.
There are various types of grasses which are available to give your garden that green, peaceful, and complete look. One grass that is fast gaining popularity for landscape design is dwarf mondo grass. In this article, let's learn something about this grass and how you can have it in your very own lawn.

Basic Information

Dwarf mondo grass is known by the scientific name Ophiopogon japonicus. It is lush green and looks very attractive when laid down for extensive landscaping. Given next are its growth requirements and some other information about it.


Dwarf mondo grass is profusely green in color and grows up to a height of around 5 inches. It is one of the most effective and practical ornamental grasses to use.


This grass can be planted in two ways. You can either get good quality seeds at a reputed nursery or take the easy way out by using grass plugs from a nursery. Dig a hole in the garden and plant it. Water it thoroughly after planting it and then give it some time to grow. This is a very important part of caring for it.
Replanting grass plugs is the easiest way to propagate it. This grass takes a while to grow, but when it does, it looks so gorgeous, that the wait is definitely worth it.


One of the best features of this grass is that it is highly adaptive as far as sunlight is concerned. It grows best in a shady area, but can adjust to sunny areas too, if irrigated well when planted.


Most lawn grasses require a lot of water to remain fresh and green all the time. This grass is a blessing to all gardening enthusiasts, because it does not need constant irrigation or watering.
You just need to water it immediately after you plant it. Since it is superbly resistant to drought conditions, it will grow well even without water. This characteristic of it not requiring too much water is what has made it a favorite among landscaping artists.


This grass is one of the best ornamental grasses available, firstly due to its similarity to regular grass and secondly because it is less expensive, more drought-resistant and easier to grow. Since it does not require too much water, it is widely used for xeriscaping (the practice of using plants that require less water for landscaping).


The most common problems that are faced with this grass are the manual laying and weeding. You can't really use a machine to pull out weeds or lay the grass, so you'll have to be pretty fit to lay it all out by yourself.
Also, you must carry out regular weed control to ensure a lush green ground cover. Another drawback is that this grass is not quite as hardy as other grass. It is delicate and cannot bear the force of heavy machinery or other similar friction.
As is clear from the information given earlier, dwarf mondo grass is one of the most preferred lawn grasses that you can use in your landscape. Take good care of it and you'll have a lovely garden of fresh green grass!