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Drainage Tile Installation

Rujuta Borkar Jun 3, 2019
If installing drainage tiles has ever been a problem for you then here we explain the process of the same and let you know how to go about it in detail.
Nobody really gives drainage tile installation a thought and consider plumbing to be a confusing task. Some drainage solutions research explain that drainage pipe installation is the best bet. Here is a description of the process and what goes into it.

Installation of Drainage Tiles - Instructions

You first need to understand that a drain or drainage tile will protect your home against water damage (which might come as a result of drainage problems) by directing excess water away from home to a waste water or septic system or a sewer with the help of a drainage pipe. Thus seepage in homes is prevented and the foundation of the house is protected.
  • Calculate the parameter of the entire house so that you'll get an idea of the supplies you'll need for the job.
  • Also take into consideration the corners that there are around the house so that special drain tiles with fittings can be purchased.
  • Start out by digging a trench around the entire parameter of your home. The trench needs to be 2-3 times wider than the width of the drainage tile. A drain tile is usually 4 inches in diameter. So dig the trench accordingly.
  • The trench will go at the base of the foundation and along the footer that extends out from the base of the foundation.
  • Ensure the area of trench under the footer is deeper than the rest of the trench. This is needed to accommodate the drain file in.
  • Take some filtration paper and place it at the base along the entire trench. It's not necessary to use a filtration paper, any filter product that prevents foreign sediments from entering and clogging the drain tile will do.
  • Now place the drain tiles in and secure the joints well by sealing them. Make sure it goes atop the filtration paper.
  • The drain file should be placed along the edges of the footer.
  • The drain tile should be placed such that the holes are facing down.
  • Once the drain tile is placed securely in, cover the trench with 6 inches of gravel. You can also place in 2 inches of gravel before you place in the tile and 4 atop.
  • The gravel is an important step that should not be forgotten. The coarse texture of the gravel makes it possible for the water to flow away and not collect at a particular area like the foundation.
  • Cover the trench with the mud that was dug out and secure firmly for the perfect drainage solutions for yard.

Drain Tile Installation Cost

A typical full-perimeter drain tile installation can run between $8,000 and $15,000, depending on the pumps and other accessories. A four-wall installation is not always needed and cost reduces for smaller jobs.
This is bit costly but important. While these costs might differ bases on location, quality and other factors, it is important to save your home from an unwanted disaster. Drainage tile installation is easy and getting it in place is not a hassle. You would have learned what to do and will go on with the drainage installation at your home soon enough.
Drainage tile installation is easier than I had ever imagined and getting it in place was not a hassle either. Hopefully you will have learned was is to be done and will go on with the drainage installation at your home soon enough.