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Dracaena Care

Everything You Would Want to Know About Dracaena Care

It is a great idea to spice up the interiors of your home using some houseplants. The dracaenas are the best plants to spruce up your home. They are used throughout the world in malls, apartments, and offices, too, besides homes, to beautify interiors.
Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2018
Dracaena is, in reality, a genus, and consists of around 40 tree species which come in a number of shapes and sizes. The size of this variety of plants varies from about the size which can be grown in pots to those which can grow to a few meters in height.
The name of this genus of plants comes from the word 'drakaina,' a Greek term which means a 'female dragon'. The only similarity between a dragon and these plants is that the plant produces a red gum when cut, which when thickened is believed to resemble the blood of a dragon. Further you will get to know how to care for a dracaena plant.
These plants have several woody stalks which grow upright, with the foliage at the top. Depending on the climatic and soil conditions, they can grow to anywhere between 2 to 20 feet high.
Houseplant Drying in the Tub
Some of the expensive species of these decorative plants can be made to curve and bend during their growing phase to seem like a candelabra. These trees usually produce dark green leaves whose outer edge has a dark red margin.
Woman Watering Dracaena Plant
The plants are sensitive to fluoride, so you should ensure that you don't expose them to this chemical. The most common source of fluoride is tap water, so you should try to use clean and pure water.
While planting them, make sure the soil is well-drained, or else if there is accumulation of water around, chances are that the roots may be affected by root rot. Allow the soil around the plant to dry before you water the plant again. If you want the plant to branch out and appear like an umbrella, you can prune them regularly, especially during the winter.
Leaves of Dracaen Plant
The ideal daytime temperature for growth of these plants is 60 to 75 °F. If humidity around them falls below 40%, which is most likely to happen in winters, try misting the leaves so that they grow well. You can use a commercial potting mix also.
In case the stems of these plants grow too bare and long, you can prune them, so that new leaves appear soon. But make sure that you don't prune them during the growing season. These plants spread better by the process of stem or tip cutting and if you want them to propagate by these methods, you should plant them in spring or the later half of summer.
Things you Must keep in Mind
Don't expose them to direct sunlight, they should be placed in places which receives moderate sunlight. An excellent spot would be if you can place them besides a window facing east and cover the window with a transparent curtain.
The temperature around the plant should always be warm, be it summer of winter. If the temperature falls below 65 °F, there are chances that they won't grow that well. In some cases, they may also die. These plants grow well, if the surrounding humidity is high. You can increase it by placing a tray of pebbles below the plant.
If you remember these instructions, you can be assured of a healthy dracaena plant. As with all other plants, always remember to fertilize them at regular intervals and never forget to water them.