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Downspout Drainage

Rimlee Bhuyan Apr 14, 2019
A downspout drainage system is necessary for your property to remain safe from corrosion due to rainwater, or rotting of the wood due to it being waterlogged. Here's more.
Installing a good drainage system in your property is essential so that rainwater can flow away from your house and yard. Drainage problems will not only make your yard perpetually soggy, but also damage the foundation of your property.
One of the most important drainage system that you need to install in your property is downspout drainage.
A downspout or downpipe is essentially vertical pipes that are installed from the roof to the ground of your house. These downspout pipes are usually round in shape and are made of either metal, plastic, or concrete.
Before undertaking the plumbing project to install a downspout drainage system, an important thing that you need to consider is where the rainwater is ultimately exiting. You can channel the downspout into an existing underground drainage system or you can construct a dry well.

How to Install a Downspout Pipe

Items Required

  • Downspout pipe
  • Elbow joints
  • Aluminum straps
  • 1½ inch zip screws
  • Aluminum sealant
  • Sheet metal shears
  • Connector
  • Handheld drill
  • Caulk gun


The first step is to drill a small hole in the bottom of the rain gutter of your roof. With the help of the sheet metal shears, cut out a rectangular opening near the hole that you have just made on the bottom of the rain gutter.
The dimensions of this cutout portion should be such that the connector can fit in it. Now attach the connector into the hole and fix it in position by using the metal screws. To seal in the hole, apply the aluminum sealant and allow it to dry. Make sure that you apply the sealant liberally, otherwise the water will leak.
Once the sealant is dry and the connector is in place, slide an elbow joint into the connector and fix it in place by using small screws. Next, secure another elbow joint to the exterior of the house. Measure the distance between the two elbow joints. Cut the required amount of downspout pipe with a circular saw making sure that your measurement is precise.
Since the downspout pipe will be installed from the rain gutter, which is at the edge of the roof, to the vertical side of the roof and then to the ground, make sure that the pipe is pitched downwards at such an angle that the water can flow freely through the pipe. Fix the drainage pipe with zip screws.
Once you are done fixing the downspout to the side of the house, cut another length of downspout pipe measuring the distance from the elbow joint to about 6 to 8 inches from the ground. Install this downspout pipe from the elbow joint with zip screws.
Next, install aluminum straps every 8 feet so that the pipe is secure and does not move even if water is gushing down the pipe. Fix another elbow joint at the bottom of the downspout and add a downspout extension. The length of the downspout extension should be such that water from the downspout pipe falls at least 3 feet away from the exterior of the house.
Having a proper downspout drainage solution for your home and yard is very essential, if you do not want to end up with a wet roof, wet walls, and a waterlogged basement. Sometimes, installing an underground downspout might also be necessary when soil drainage in your area is poor.