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Types of Flowers: Different Kinds of Flowers

A Guide to All Types of Flowers: Different Kinds of Flowers to Know

Flowers are a beautiful creation to behold. There are a large variety of flowers found all around the world. Learn more about the primary classification of flowers along with their different parts in this Gardenerdy article.
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018
Flowering plants have a wide importance in our lives. There are different kinds of flowers that are used for various purposes. While some are utilized for decorations during weddings, birthdays, or other special occasions, some are used for medicinal purposes. Flowers are bundled into attractive bouquets, which are used as a means of decoration or can be given off as gifts too. Flowers bring along joy with their beautiful colors and their mesmerizing fragrance. They act as a source of joy for everyone.
Different Kinds of Flowers
Scientifically speaking, a flower is nothing but the reproductive structure of the plant. The flower contains the male pollen and/or the female ovule in addition to the accessory parts, which are the petals, sepals, and the nectar glands. In terms of botanical studies, flowers can be classified into different types and categories based on several similarities and differences between them.
Parts of a Plant
The pistil is the female part of the plant, which is shaped like a bowling pin. The pistil is an entire assembly of several parts, which include the stigma, style, and the ovary of the flower. The stigma is located at the top of the flower, and it is connected to the ovary by means of the style, which is a long, slender, tube-like structure. The ovary of the flower contains ovules that have to be fertilized in order to develop into a seed. The stamen is the male reproductive part of the flower, which consists of a pollen sac and a long supporting filament. Sepals are green, leaf-like structures that are present at the base of the flower. The sepals protect the flower bud, and are collectively referred to as the calyx. The petals are the colorful portion of the flower, that often contain perfume as well as nectar glands. The petals are collectively called corolla.
Perfect Flowers
Bisexual flowers are also called perfect flowers and consist of both male as well as female reproductive parts. Flowers that contain the androecium as well as the gynoecium are androgynous or hermaphroditic flowers. Examples of perfect flowers include the lily, cherry flower, and rose, to list a few. Bisexual flowers contain petals, sepals, pistil, and stamen. They do not require to have any features for promoting pollination, since the reproductive process can be taken care of in the same plant itself, with both the male and female parts located close to each other.
Imperfect Flowers
Flowers that contain only one type of reproductive organ, either male or female, are called imperfect flowers. The ones that contain the androecium or the stamens alone are called male flowers, whereas the ones that contain the gynoecium alone are called the female flowers. The imperfect flowers need specialized characteristics that will attract pollinating agents or facilitate the pollination process in one way or the other. Brightly colored petals or enhanced lengths of styles and stamens are some of the characteristics that certain flowers need to develop in order to facilitate pollination.
These are the chief types of flowers according to the botanical definitions. In addition to this, flowers are also differentiated into more specialized groups and types by studying their anatomies and referring to the scientific nomenclature and classification systems.
Azalea Flower
Pink Cone Flower
Pink Azalea Flower Macro Close Up
Rhododendron Flower Blossoms
Lobelia Flower In Pot
Azalea Flower With Drops Of Water
Cone Flower In Vase
Red Rhododendron Flower
Single Lobelia Flower
Bougainvillea Flower
Crape Myrtle Flower
Red Azalea Flower
Rhododendron Flower
Crape Flower
Beautiful Rhododendron Flower Head
Bougainvillea Paper Flower In Colorful Color
Womans Holding A Large Hibiscus Flower
Pink Hibiscus
White Hibiscus Flower
Closeup Of Purple Tulips
Tulips Bouquets On The Table
Red Hibiscus
Herbal Kalanchoe Flowers
Petunia Flowers
Muscari Flowers Arranged In Gift Box
Begonia Flowers
Flower Of Beautiful Rose Of Sharon
Chrysanthemum Flowers
Bleeding Heart Flowers
Gaillardia Flowers
Chrysanthemum Flowers
Chrysanthemum Garden Flowers
Bleeding Heart Flowers
Chrysanthemum Flowers
Rose Of Sharon Flower In Bloom
Yellow Bromeliad Flower
Grape Hyacinth Flower In Snow
Begonia Flower Head
Fuchsia Pink Purple Magenta Lotus Flowers
Hippeastrum Amaryllis Big Orange Flowers
Cone Flower
Cyclamen Flowers In The Spring
Lantana Flowers
Coneflowers In Flower Pot
Echinacea Flowers
Group Of Monarda Flowers
Pink Begonia Flower
White Bromeliad Flower
Blue Flowers On White Background
Local Woman With A Hibiscus Flower
Tie Dye Hibiscus Flower
Basket Of Blue Lobelias Flowers
Bougainvillea Flowers
Beautiful Hibiscus Flower
Beautiful Pink Rhododendron Flowers
Amaryllis Flowers
Purple Rhododendron Flowers
Blue Lobelia Flowers
White Flowers Of Echinacea
Rhododendron Flowers
Tree Yellow Roses
White Daisy Flowers
Pink Carnation Flowers
Colorful tulips and daffodils on nature background
Cyclamen Flowers
Yellow Magnolia Flowers
White And Yellow Chrysanthemum Flowers
Close Up Of Red Begonia Flowers
Two Flowers Of Echinacea Purpurea
Big Pink Azalea Flower On The Branch
Echinacea Flowers Close Up
Lagerstroemia Plant Flower Close Up
Beautiful Hibiscus Flowers
Hibiscus Flower
White Azalea Flowers In Basket
Echinacea Flower
Peony Flower
Bougainvillea Flowers Blue Sky
Elegant White Azalea Flowers
Azalea Flower