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2 Types of Deer Fencing

Poushali Ganguly Mar 2, 2019
If you are tired of the deer coming on your property and ruining it in various ways, here are a few types of deer fencing that are available which can be done quickly and easily.
The two main types of fencing are:
  • Electric fencing
  • Wire fencing
Electric fencing is one of the most common types of fencing used to keep deer at bay, since it is the cheapest one. There are wires strung around the property along the desired border. If you want to reinforce the deer negatively so that they learn to keep away from your property, then you can get them till the wire by attracting them with peanut butter.
Once they come close to eat it, they get an electrical shock and keep away from your property forever. Though this might be effective, but comes across as a cruel method of teaching the harmless animals a lesson.
Looking at the humanitarian aspect of the matter, electrical fencing can be a solution only where the other types are just not appropriate, look wise or in terms of functionality, because at the end of the day, your pet or your children can also fall prey to this deadly trap.
Wire fencing is an alternate method to keep these animals at bay. It can be a meshed wire or welded wire―any one of these can be effective to get rid of the nuisance that the animals are creating, though these are more expensive than electric fencing.
The wire can be made of synthetic material or a metal, though, again, the latter is far more expensive. Wire meshes of synthetic fiber do not spoil the beauty of your house, since they are almost invisible at times, but not durable at all. They need mending every other day, since the material is quite fragile.
Welded wire can certainly be used, and it is actually one of the most versatile products now. It has quite a few practical uses in addition to fencing. It is quite useful as it is durable and quite flexible to install. They also contribute in enhancing the beauty of the house, because they offer less visibility, thus making it unobtrusive.
These wires are plastic coated and heavy-duty welded wires, which are galvanized before welding. The technology is such and it is designed in such a way that it provides flexibility, which as stated above, contributes to the ease of installation.
The cost of maintenance is almost zero, thus making it an economical solution. Moreover, it can be easily installed to all kinds of fencing―be it posts, rails, stakes, tacks, or trees.
Some people also grow aromatic plants which attract humans but then act as repelling agents for animals, thus keeping them away in a very natural and toned-down way. Plants like lavender, mint or lemon, if planted around the house or garden, can definitely help in this way.