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Deck Waterproofing

Deck Waterproofing

Waterproofing a deck is essential to improve its durability. Read this article to get a brief overview of deck waterproofing.
Gardenerdy Staff
The wooden deck built in your yard enhances the beauty of the exteriors of your house manifolds. Moreover, it is the favorite hangout where you love to spend your leisure time. You invest a lot of time and money in building up the deck. Therefore, you want to protect it for many years to come. Since wood has a porous surface, it readily absorbs a lot of moisture. Rainwater and water from melting snow often penetrate deep into the surface of the wood and cause rotting of the wood. Moreover, harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun can also cause extensive damage to the wood. To prevent any deterioration of the wood structure from these weather elements, deck waterproofing is a must.

Waterproofing Options

There are many different deck waterproofing systems available with you. Waterproof sealers are widely used for this purpose. It adheres to the wood surface really well and provides protection from both water and heat of the sun. You can get it in two varieties, clear and colored stains. The color stains have a variety of shades which when applied can conceal the blemishes on the wood. On the other hand, the clear variety helps to retain the natural color of the wood. Waterproof paints is another excellent choice for waterproofing deck. Alkyd based paints are more suitable for outdoor areas like deck. The disadvantage of these paints is that they get peeled off very easily. Epoxy coats can also be used for this purpose but they are very expensive. However, it lasts for a long period of time. Alternatively, you can install under deck waterproofing on the surface below the existing deck surface. It is made up of vinyl material and it diverts the water from the deck into the gutters.

How to Waterproof a Deck

You have to procure a few supplies like wood sealer, brushes with long handle and stiff bristles, rollers, airless sprayer, rags and liquid wood cleaner. While working on this home improvement project, you must protect yourself with full sleeved clothes, gloves and safety glasses. The first thing you need to do is to prepare the deck surface where the water repellent wood sealer has to be applied. It includes thorough cleaning of the deck. This is done to ensure that the waterproof sealer bonds well with the surface of the wood. Sweep off all loose dirt and debris from the deck. Then scrub the deck with water and wood cleaning agent. If you are waterproofing an old deck, then it is likely that it has some tough greasy stains. To get rid of those marks, you have to use a pressure washer.

Now, that the work area is ready, you can apply the waterproofing agent for deck protection. Apply the sealer on the deck with the help of a roller or sprayer. The sprayer could be more convenient for application of the sealer but a good amount of the liquid agent gets wasted in the process, For this reason, a roller or paint brush is preferable. They also facilitate better penetration of the water proofer into the wood. During application, keep one thing in mind that the coat of the waterproofing liquid should be uniform all over the surface. Remember, you have to apply it on all the six surfaces of each wood board of the deck. Leave it untouched for 48 hours so that it sets well on the wood. A clear or colorless sealer needs just one coat for waterproofing wood. But a tinted one needs more number of applications in order to get the right shade.

Installation of under deck waterproofing is quite simple. You have to cut the vinyl waterproofing membrane as per your requirement. Then install it on the lower deck surface. As it comes as interlocking parts, its installation is not a big hassle and you can complete the job in few hours.

You have to reapply a liquid deck proofing agent after a gap of every few years for proper wooden deck protection. In wet or humid climate, you have to go apply the proofing agent more often. On the other hand, under deck waterproofing does not require any maintenance. However, if any of the panels get damaged, then you have to replace it with a new one. There is no need to change the entire system.