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Deck Stain Reviews

Deck Stain Reviews

This article will help you pick the right staining material, or rather the best product for your deck.
Medha Godbole
Have a day off? I am sure a great idea to spend it is to either lazy around on the deck in a hammock. Or if there is no hammock, may be you can put a reclining chair on the deck and almost do the same! But then, have you ever thought about what happens to the deck? It might be wincing every time there is some dent on it or the color of the wood has worn out. I mean, if it would do that! No, but on a serious note though, just cleaning and washing your deck is not enough. That will not help in the durability and maintenance of good condition of wood. What you need is a good deck stain. Which ones are the best? Let us see some reviews to sort out that problem.

What to Look for?

Before you check out the reviews, here is something which may help. To begin with a stain should give long-lasting protection, beauty and durability to the deck. Another very important factor is that it has to give that rich look and appearance. The deck should shine like it is brand new. Further, while choosing, it is important to remember that solid or opaque exterior stains are thicker in consistency, unlike transparent or semi-transparent ones. They should also give the deck protection from UV rays.

Some Reviews

Many times, reviews are done by people who have actually used certain products. Moreover, there is a whole gamut of stains available in different shades and stuff. You just need to pick the one which suits your deck and home decor.

TWP Deck Stain
This seems to be a good option. This has a number of aspects which make it a complete package. Starting from resistance to mildew, this stain will give protection against harmful UV rays. This is very important, as due to these rays, the wood loses it sheen and beautiful natural look. Moreover, it is semi-transparent and a penetrating stain and helps preserve the natural color of the wood. It can prevent water from penetrating in the wood as well, thus preventing it from rotting and cracking. Further, it is suitable for horizontal as well as vertical surfaces.

Cabot Stains
Well, if I do not mention Cabot, I might as well be not writing this! Cabot is, undoubtedly one of the top, according to users and experts. Cabot stains are available in wood-based as well as oil-based formulation. Scruff resistance after drying and protection against UV rays are what makes this product a great one. Cabot requires one coat for its oil-based stains and couple of coats for the water-based stain. As per consumer surveys and reports, this product lasted at least two years, protecting the deck from moisture, dirt, and mildew. In addition to that, the color was true to the original shade.

Behr Stains
You cannot afford to miss Behr stains. These too are available in an oil-based and water-based formula. It works to protect the deck from wear and tear and impact of weather changes. Protection from mildew and crack resistance are a couple of strongholds of this stain. Although, according to some consumer reports, this product was not able to provide wood deck protection from dirt very well and the stain peeled off in winters.

These are the three most well-known stains. In a addition to these, refer to consumer surveys and home improvement experts suggested by Wolman, Cuprinol, and Sikkens.

There are varying opinions about these deck stains regarding their effectiveness and claims. It's your choice. Good luck!