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How to Refinish a Deck

Mamta Mule Apr 17, 2019
A deck is a beautiful, polished extension in a porch or where a boat sits anchored by the lake. Let's take a look at how you can refinish this particular area.
A deck is usually made from durable wood or a similar make, that promises to stand the test of time. But not always do such things last forever without the need for occasional maintenance.
For a deck, it is important to refinish it every year or two, depending on the state of the planks as time lapses. With the following deck refinishing tips, you're sure to be left with a result that is nothing short of perfect.

How to Refinish a Deck

Prep the Deck

Prepare this area for what is to come by giving it a good scrub using trisodium phosphate, that promises to leave it spic and span within minutes. While pressure washing is a quicker, leisurely alternative, it can leave unsightly dents in the wood, forcing you to replace the damaged planks.
After you've scrubbed it, the next step is to strip the deckÔÇĽuse a chemical stripper to do the job for you. If you simply must use a pressure washer, move it along the deck quickly without concentrating on one spot. Combine trisodium phosphate and pressure washing, and you'll be left with an exceptionally prepped and stripped deck.

Applying Finish

Use either a solid or semitransparent stain for the deck, since these last longer than other products. Once the deck dries post stripping, apply the finish after tending to imperfections of the deck that need to be addressed, like splints and out-of-place nails.
Use a paint roller with an extension handle to make the staining job easier; start from the top of the deck in one section, completing a single swipe from top to bottom, before moving to the next section and repeating the entire process for a second coat. For hard-to-reach nooks and crannies around railings and such, use a brush or sprayer.

Applying Sealant

For an even better result, apply a sealant over the stain once it sets, so that it protects the underlying layer from wear and tear.
Using the same technique employed while applying the stain, a sealant must be used covering one section at a time, from top to bottom, before doing it all over again for a second coat.

Additional Instructions

Always check the products you use for instructions on how to use them, and if they're suitable for use depending on the make of your deck. Don't compromise on the aforementioned steps by switching to other stain options, since using top-notch alternatives will keep the deck in good condition for two years or longer.
If you notice any problems with the deck besides its outward appearance, take care of them first before you refinish it. That way, you don't aggravate the problem by keeping it concealed.