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Planning to Buy Deck Railing Planters? Then Read This

Deck Railing Planters
Deck railing planters are a form of container gardening and a great way to decorate your railings. The following passages provide more information on the same.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2018
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If you wish to add a bit of character to your deck or porch, without much effort, deck railing planters could be your option. They are an innovation in container gardening and an extremely beautiful way of decorating your outdoor space.
They provide a beautiful, colorful outline to your railing. There are an array of different forms of planters, thus, allowing you to decorate your outdoor space as per your style.
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They are colorful and come in many shapes and sizes. You'll find them for all types of plants, such as simple ones, hanging ones, or small plants. You can hang the plants from the deck with the brackets.
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Small plants can be planted in planters and placed on the deck railings. Heavy plants should be planted in sturdy ones and preferably placed on the floor.
The biggest advantage of these planters is that you can enjoy the view of your neighborhood without sacrificing your privacy. You can adjust their positions according to the theme of your choice.
They are easy to maintain and are hassle-free unlike a large garden. Most of them are light weighted, thus, facilitating easy transport. This is helpful for the plants as well, as you can place them in ideal light conditions. Also, it allows you to change the scenery just by repositioning them.
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Watering and caring for the plants is also a painless task as you need not bend down to water them. They have a hole at the bottom to provide aeration to the roots. It prevents them from rotting.
Deck planters give you an option of choosing from myriad materials and colors. Although rectangle is the most preferred shape, you can also find them in unusual shapes and sizes. Plastic containers have the most variety in colors and shapes, but wooden ones are durable and accentuate the beauty of your garden.
Buying Deck Railing Planters
You need to consider several factors while buying them. If you already have a certain theme for your existing garden, make sure your planters go well with this theme. The type of flowers, their color, material of planters, etc., should be taken into account.
Consider where you plan to place them, as placing them on the railings is a good idea to retain privacy, but it may block some nice views. Choose them according to the type of plants you wish to grow in them.
You need to take certain measurements before buying the planters, especially the width of the deck railing. Since they come in various sizes, it is necessary that the planter you select should fit perfectly. If it is larger than the width of the railing, it might fall.
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Most importantly make sure your railing is sturdy enough to bear their weight. Watering them makes them even heavier, so it should be strong enough to support this additional weight.
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Deck railing planters are a great way of organizing your outdoor space, without taking much effort. It gives you a clutter-free private space and alleviates the need of bulky flower pots.