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Deck Railing Ideas That are Cool and Rather Engaging

Deck Railing Ideas
There are now many options available for decorating your deck railings. You can now choose from the pile of metal deck, composite deck,glass deck and many more, to give your favorite look to it.
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
A well-made deck railing can often be the differentiating factor between a beautiful deck and a dull, shoddy one. In modern times, a railing has assumed much more importance than merely being a structure aimed at providing support and safety. A railing, be it a staircase railing or a deck railing, contributes significantly towards the beauty of its immediate surroundings and enhances the overall look of the architecture. On that note, let us take a look at some interesting ideas.

Interesting Ideas for Deck Railing

Deck railings are available in a variety of designs and material types. You can have wooden deck railings, metal deck railings, baluster design railings, etc. The type of deck railing that you eventually select will depend upon the location of the railing, its surroundings, and of course your spending limit. Installing a deck railing can be a great home improvement option for homemakers to consider. Here are a few deck railing design ideas for you to consider.
metal deck
Metal Deck Railings
Metal railings have a sense of royalty about them regardless of where you install them. For example, you can have an iron railing that is either entirely made out of wrought iron, or you can combine it with wood to create a dual effect.
One of the main drawbacks of iron as a railing material is that it tends to get affected by moisture, atmospheric chemicals and changing weather conditions. However, these problems can be lessened to an extent through certain chemical treatments and by using powder-coated iron. Also, metal railings can be quite heavy, so you should make sure that the floor or the deck is strong enough to sustain the weight of the railing.
cable deck
Cable Deck Railings
What can be better than a spectacular view of a lake or a mountain vista along with the cool breeze flowing along? Well, this can happen only if you have cable railing installed on your backyard deck. Being outside means standing on the deck and enjoying the cool air around and witnessing the grandeur of the nature.
However, when it comes to installation of cable railing, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, if you want to eliminate the task of a regular maintenance after installing cable rails, it is best to use the marine grade stainless steel cables. These cables are not susceptible to corrosion and hence stay intact for a longer period. Secondly, there must be tight tension between the cables while installing them as they won't loosen up and sag after a few years. Thirdly, the posts used for cable railings should not be made of composite materials. A good amount of strength is required to hold and maintain the tension between the cables, which lacks in composite materials. Wood instead, would be the best material to keep the railing in place and safe for longer duration. Lastly, a top rail is a good option for cable railing system because it serves the purpose of hand rest as well as a tea/ coffee holder. It also helps to maintain the tension between the posts and prevents them from pulling towards each other.
wooden deck
Wooden Deck Railings
Wooden deck railings are one of the most common types of deck railings. In addition to being common, they are also a very popular choice when it comes to deck railing designs. Wood is always associated with tradition and elegance. At the same time, it also makes the structure look extremely warm and homely.
You can opt for a combination design wherein you have a top wooden rail that runs across several iron or wooden balusters. Alternatively, you can also have a single wooden rail which is interspersed with wrought iron posts. Wooden railings are also available in the form of ready-made units. All you need to do is measure the length of the deck border and purchase a sufficient quantity of ready-made wooden railing units.
baluster deck
Baluster Deck Railings
Balustrading is a technique wherein the railing consists of a series of individual balusters. Balusters are commonly made out of wood or iron. However, with contemporary designs gaining momentum, one does get to see the occasional glass balustrades or aluminum balustrades as well.
The beauty of this railing type is that individual balusters can be carved or designed as per your personal requirements and preferences, thereby giving your railing a nice personalized look. One of the major advantages of balusters is that they offer a good amount of ventilation and a nice view at the same time. Unlike other types, this railing system holds no disadvantages, the only concern being its regular and proper maintenance.
glass deck
Glass Deck Railings
The ultimate railing system for enhancing the spectacular view of a lake or a mountain range from your backyard, is glass decking. Although, one of the most expensive deck railing systems, it can add that elegant touch to your home exterior without obstructing the scenic view around the house.
Glass railings can be installed in two ways viz., solid panels or individual balusters made of acrylic or tempered glass. The framework required for supporting your glass balusters or panels can be made using wood, vinyl or aluminum. To cut down on the expenses of glass deck railing system you can combine it with other systems like using wooden railing in some sections of the deck where the view is not a major concern. When it comes to maintenance of this railing system, it is more of a daily care than an annual maintenance. It has to be cleaned on an everyday basis to maintain the clarity of the glass for an unobstructed scenic view.
composite deck
Composite Deck Railings
As a convention, deck boards have always been built using wood. However, when the manufacturers started experiencing scarcity of wood, use of composite materials for deck building came into being. First and foremost advantage of composite decking is that some of the materials used in this type of decking are synthetic and some are natural. They are known as composites and are environment friendly.
There are two types of composite decking- Solid decking and Hollow decking. While solid looks more natural, is heavier and has wooden texture, hollow version is lighter and looks more like man-made and artificial. Solid decking expands and contracts more with fluctuations in weather conditions than hollow composite decking. Apart from the look and environment-friendly nature, composite decking reduces your annual deck maintenance to a great extent. Every beneficial thing has a few drawbacks and so does composite decking has some disadvantages. One is that it is 4 - 5 times much expensive than the pressure treated lumber. Secondly, extreme temperatures can increase the flexibility of some composite materials. Hence, consider all the factors before deciding on the use of composite decking for your home.

On a concluding note, there are some railing systems that can be an easy DIY project. However, to be on the safer side it is always better to seek professional help. Also, ensure that you are fulfilling all the building code requirements while installing any of the above railings because there are certain government rules and regulations for constructing decks.
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