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How to Design Deck Building Plans

How to Design Deck Building Plans

If you are looking for tips on designing deck building plans, this article will be helpful. Read to get a rough idea about it.
Gardenerdy Staff
A quiet evening, spent relaxing on a deck chair, overlooking your garden, seems like a very comforting idea. The deck serves as a transition zone between your house and garden. It is an alternative to a patio when the ground around your house is particularly uneven, sloped, or soggy. Of course, it's a matter of choice and style too. It is a little bit more of extra outdoor living space for you and your family, to enjoy the view of the garden.

Tips on Designing the Plans

If you want things to be done in a certain specific way, it is best that you plan and execute them yourself. Same goes with designing plans. Instead of sticking to ready-made plans, you can design your deck, taking your special needs into consideration.

Building one is a great way of making maximum use of your outdoor living space. It can be a great place for quiet contemplation, relaxation, and it can also double up as a party place. Here are some tips on designing one.

Decide On the Location
First thing to do, of course, is to decide the location of your deck. You could have it attached to the front of your house, in the back, or make it a standalone deck in the garden. You could attach it to your kitchen entrance too. A major issue to be taken into consideration, is the accessibility of the deck from your house and the purpose for which it will be used. Once you decide on the location, check the grading of the soil and firmness. A deck will require firm ground and if there is a slope, you will need to level it accordingly.

Next thing to do is measure the side of the house, on which you are putting up the deck. With the right measurements, you can choose the right dimensions for the design. Use a measuring tape and get an idea about the space available for putting it up.

Know the Basic Parts
To design these plans, you need to know the various parts that make a firm deck. This includes pier blocks, posts, and support footings, which create the basement. Ledgers are boars that connect it with the solid structure of the house. Then, there are beams which are the pillars that support a deck. Decking and rim joists are the parts that make the top structure. A railing is an essential part, that you need to include in the design. Stairs will need to be added, from one or both sides.

Browse Through Designs
Go through home improvement magazines for some interesting plans. You could also search online for some good deck design and decoration ideas. Note down the design features that you like.

Decide on Extra Amenities
Decide whether you want to have a barbecue facility on the deck. You need to ensure that there is sufficient space for chairs. If you want more privacy, you could plan to have screens. A general idea about the purposes for which you intend to use it, will help you decide on the amenities to include. You will also have to plan out the lighting and drainage.

Think About Building Materials and Budget
There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the building material. You could go for pressure treated hem fir or southern pine. Another option is old growth cedar or rosewood but it is quite costly. Check out composite decking materials, which are extensively used. Decide the wood type, taking your budget into consideration.

Make a Rough Sketch
After all the brainstorming, making a sketch of the ideal plan can begin. Make a rough sketch on a graph paper and make it to the scale, to get a realistic idea. You can make more than one plan and select one that is the most practicable and commensurate with your budget. Once the design is ready, you can submit the sketch to a contractor or a landscape designer.

His job will be made easier due to your rough plan. He may suggest some improvements and make some practical suggestions in the plans, which you could include. With that, you are ready to begin construction, which will surely fulfill your expectations.

I hope designing these plans is no longer perceived as a tough job, after reading this article. The time put in planning is certainly worth it, when the end product is thoroughly satisfying.