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Meaning of Dark Purple Roses

The Meaning of Dark Purple Roses That'll Make You Love Them More

Roses are the first thing that comes to the mind when one thinks about a gift of love for one's beloved. Read the article below to find out about the meaning of dark purple roses.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
A bunch of roses has the ability to bring a smile to a person's face. More so, when it is a gift from one's sweetheart. However, the color of roses is not limited to the conventional red or pink. The rose family consists of a variety of colors, including red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, black, etc. In recent years, deep purple roses have gained great popularity among people as an ideal gift idea for those we love. Many people also use bunches of purple roses to decorate their living rooms or for ornamental purposes during wedding ceremonies. Many rose lovers also grow purple roses along with other light colored roses in their gardens to enhance the beauty of the place. This article will tell you about the meaning of dark purple roses.
Dark purple roses are one of a variety of purple roses. Other shades include lavender, mauve, etc. Some of the roses that come in these shades are Angel Face, Plum, Sterling Silver, Blue Bird, etc. It is rare to find them in nature. Hence, many of them that we see are the creation of human beings through hybridization of different roses. This rose is believed to be first introduced in the 1800s and is said to be the result of breeding European roses with the Chinese ones. Some of the popular dark purple-colored roses include:
  • Midnight Blue
  • Burgundy Iceberg
  • Night Owl
  • Ebb Tide
The purple rose with its elegant color and amazing fragrance has captured the hearts of millions of people. Like every rose, they have different meanings. As the red roses symbolize the emotion of love, the purple rose stands for love at first sight. Its beauty is enchanting and enthralling, and in the same way this magnificent flower is given to that person who is as beautiful and irresistible as the rose. Receiving it from a person means that he / she has fallen head over heels in love with the receiver.
The rose expresses fascination and attraction towards an individual. However, it is said that attraction can be just an infatuation if the rose is of light purple color. In this case, the feeling is not that of permanent or long-lasting love. On the other hand, the dark purple rose symbolizes deep rooted and intimate relationships. It represents love that is true and would stay forever. Hence, they are given as gifts and used as decorations for weddings and also for anniversaries.
The sight of a dark purple rose reminds one of glory, sophistication, and elegance. The color purple stands for majesty, luxury, and grandeur. Hence, these roses were noted as perfect gifts for kings and queens.
As their main significance is beauty and elegance, these roses are perfect for any happy occasion. For people who find it difficult to express their feelings to the one they love, these roses can do the work. Give your sweetheart a bunch of them and make him / her feel special, just like the graceful roses.
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