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Creating The Ultimate Garden

Are you only now just stumbling into the world of gardening? Don't worry, we can help. We hope you're up for the challenge!
Abbie Faulkner Mar 23, 2019

Ready to Garden?

Many of us take pride in our garden and acquire skills along the way we didn't know we actually had. Although gardening is seen as a hobby to the outside world, it has various health benefits.

There are studies that provide just that. It can reduce stress and the risk of heart problems while increasing self esteem, hand strength and overall confidence.

1. Make a Plan

Planning is essential when it comes down to working on a big project. You need structure so you’re able to determine the time frame, costs, budgets and the most important thing – the design.

Depending on the space you’re working with, and your preferred goals and vision for your garden, this will be different for everyone.
Elements to consider:
  • The seating area / patio
  • Outside shed / garage / garden room
  • Maintenance

Why? Because a beautiful, well designed garden has the power to not only add beauty to a property, but to increase the value and make it easier to sell, if and when that time does come.

2. Create a Garden Room

Garden rooms are the perfect space for you to practice your gardening skills and to grow your own plants, food and well, anything else that you’d like to use the outside space for.

This can be in the form of a shed or a garage if you’re on a budget!
A crucial thing to consider when it comes to garden rooms is that you need to let the light in! This applies to your home, too. Maximising light in the home, as well as your garden room, just requires common sense.

Glazed windows will be your best friend, leave the blinds up all day until it’s time for bed, use neutral colours and so on, you catch our drift.

3. Grow Your Own Plants

Make a list of your favourite plants and determine where you plan on using these throughout your garden.

You should grow your plants from seeds or cuttings and be smart with purchasing. You don’t want to grow plants that won’t make it through the winter.
Shrubs, for example, come back year after year and bare root plants are more affordable in the autumn or winter.

If you become familiar with trends when it comes to plants and garden equipment, you can save money whilst your garden blooms into something extraordinary.

Another important thing to note, by growing more plants it helps the environment!

4. Recycle Furniture

Whatever size garden you have, it actually helps the environment in many ways, which is what we need right now as climate change is becoming a bigger threat day by day.

Recycling furniture and using it as part of your garden is smart and reduces waste! You can simply repaint recycled furniture or redesign it for something else.

5. Show Off Planters

Planters, also known as climbing plants are ideal for growing on walls and make a great addition to any garden.

They’re extremely versatile, especially if you’re wanting to brighten up your vertical planting areas. There are even particular plants that are able to attract wildlife too.

Recommended Planters

Virginia Creeper Plant - Features vine like leaves which turn a crimson red colour in autumn.

Wisteria Plant - Known for its clouds of scented pea-like flowers and oval green leaflets.


We’ve shared with you our top 5 tips for creating the ultimate garden, and although we weren’t able to go into great detail, that part is up to you and how you plan your own garden.

Feel free to let us know what plans are in store for your garden, and send images our way!