How to Make Concrete Stepping Stones

DIY Guide on How to Make Concrete Stepping Stones for Your Garden

Stepping stones can be an added attraction to your garden or yard. Go through this article to know more about homemade concrete stepping stones.
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Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Stepping stones were once used for utilitarian purposes. You might have seen stones with roughly plain surfaces placed in muddy places and watery regions, so as to facilitate dry crossing. Natural stones in rivers and streams are often used as stepping stones. Later, such stepping stones emerged as a garden accessory. Apart from the aesthetic part, these stones also serve the purpose of demarcating a clear path, so as to avoid crushing the plants and grass.

Even though stepping stones are made with different materials, those made of concrete are highly popular. You can buy these stepping stones from home building supply stores or gardening supply stores. Even painted, stained, and designer versions are available in the market. You may also make such stepping stones at home.
Tips to Make Concrete Stepping Stones
Stepping stones made of concrete are suitable for almost all home designs. These stepping stones gel well with the traditional homes as well as the ultra modern ones. You may also alter the stepping stone design as per the style of your home. There are various types of concrete stepping stones in different styles and designs. For example, precast type is claimed to be highly water resistant and durable, and resemble natural cut stone. However, if you want to lend a personal touch to the stepping stones in your house, you can make them for yourself.
  • In order to make these stepping stones, you need concrete stepping stone molds, concrete mix, spade, trowel, concrete dye, etc.
  • You can either go for the ready-made concrete stepping stone molds or use anything of your choice, like pizza boxes or discarded cake pans.
  • Even the concrete mix can be bought as per your choice. You may buy the quick setting concrete or the stepping stone concrete. The latter version is specially made for the purpose of making concrete stepping stones.
  • The next step is to mix the concrete to the consistency of cake batter. Use protective clothing to prevent burns that can be caused while handling concrete.
  • You may also add concrete color dye, while mixing the concrete. Another option is to add decorative articles, like beads, pebbles, etc.
  • There are various types of molds for concrete stepping stones, and you have to fill and decorate them accordingly. If the mold is a ring-like frame (meant for making round stepping stones), you have to keep it on a greased cookie sheet and fill with concrete.
  • In case of molds like pans and containers, you have to grease the inner surface, before filling with concrete mix. Greasing is not necessary in some types of molds. Make sure to shake the mold when it is filled halfway, so that trapped air bubbles are released.
  • Fill the mold completely, and decorate it with anything of your liking. You may also go for the impression of hand prints or footprints, or scribble something on the concrete.
  • It takes around two to three days for the concrete to set. After that, you can take out the stepping stones from the molds. All you have to do is to gently tap the molds at a tilted angle, so as to release the stones.
You can splurge your creativity and come up with some unique concrete stepping stones, that can even be given as gifts. Otherwise, you may go for ready-made ones.
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