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Concrete Garden Benches

Sonia Nair Oct 23, 2018
When it comes to garden furniture, concrete benches are highly popular. Here we provides some tips for making garden benches using concrete.
If you love to spend time in your garden, garden benches and swings are ideal options. Even though, there is a wide range of outdoor furniture, garden benches are always preferred. Apart from providing a sitting arrangement, a garden bench can be a style statement in itself.
While fancy models are expensive, wood or concrete garden benches are found to be cheaper. You may also go for decorative benches made of wood or concrete, but they may cost you more.
Garden benches can be made with materials, like wood, stone, plastic, and concrete. However, concrete benches are very much in demand, due to their durability, looks and affordability. You may either go for decorative ones or plain benches. You can also make some concrete garden benches, on your own.

Tips to Make a Simple Concrete Garden Bench

  • In order to make concrete benches, you need concrete mix, molds and a trowel.
  • First of all, you have to buy the mold of your choice. Molds too come in different shapes and designs. You will get separate molds for the slab and the base on which the slab has to be kept.
  • You have to mix the concrete and fill the greased molds. Make sure to shake the molds occasionally, while filling. This ensures that the trapped air bubbles are released from the concrete.
  • Once the molds are filled, smooth the surfaces with the trowel. It will take around a week for the concrete slab and the base to set.
  • After that, you can remove them from the molds and install in the garden. You may attach the slab to the base, using an adhesive.
You may also prepare your own concrete bench molds using plywood or melamine-coated particle board. Decorative beads or pieces of glazed tiles, can be used to make the garden benches more attractive.
You have to stick the decorative materials, before the concrete is set. You may also create some stamp patterns in the wet concrete. If you want a colored concrete bench in your garden, add a concrete dye, while mixing the concrete.
You may also color the bench after making it. You may also use logs or other innovative materials as the base for your bench. It all depends on your creativity. You can decorate and install your concrete garden bench as per your wish.