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Commercial Fertilizer Spreaders

5 Effective And Easily Available Commercial Fertilizer Spreaders

Commercial fertilizer spreaders are required to distribute fertilizers and lime in large quantities and at high speeds. There are many different types sold in the market. This article covers some of the available ones.
Shashank Nakate
Fertilizer spreaders are machines used for proper distribution of fertilizers in the fields. There are also lawn spreaders that are available. The market is abundant with broadcast, drop, and grass seed spreaders. The broadcast ones are used to cover large areas of a land, and they make use of a spinning disc to disperse the compost. Drop spreaders are meant for a specific application, and in a linear fashion.
The commercial fertilizer spreaders are developed and manufactured in many different varieties. Material such as stainless steel and carbon could be used in the production. They have also become sophisticated with time, and some of these have electronic display controls. There are generally two types, i.e., the truck mount and the pull type. They are manufactured in various sizes and varieties.
  1. Magna Spread
    The pull type spreaders are used to cover large swaths, and a spreader product called Magna Spread can spread 2 tons of manure per acre, in 80 feet swaths, with a speed of 14 mph. The spreader can be pulled with the help of a tractor. The fuel and time efficiency is increased by 25% due to this device.
  2. Trooper
    This product called Trooper is a strong and sturdy machine. It is designed for heavy duty work, and is used for fleet application.
  3. The Grasshopper
    The Grasshopper is another product among the series and has a capacity to spread 7 tons of lime and 5 tons of fertilizer. It has a payload capacity of 180 cubic feet. The hopper is 8 feet wide and 9 feet long, with the repose sides having an angle of 45 degrees. The 16 inch steel mesh is driven by a ground wheel and helps in adjusting the speed of spreading, with that of the travel speed. To facilitate top dressing and row cropping, it has a high ground clearance.
  4. Triad
    The Triad is capable of spreading three different materials at a time. The granular fertilizers, which are distributed using these, can be distributed at varying speeds. The spreading rates of the hoppers range from 10 lbs. to 250 lbs. per acre. It helps in applying micro nutrients efficiently, at their prescribed rates. The spreader can deliver the material in 80 feet swaths and also at high speeds. The working of this spreader can be controlled and adjusted by an operator from a cab.
  5. The Liberty Series
    These are considered to be the most durable among all. Their characteristics include the 7 and 10 steel gauge construction, 5 - 9 ton payload packages, and all ground wheel drive systems, among other features. These are heavy-duty spreaders, available in both the hydraulic and mechanical systems. A special 'Inverted V' feature is provided to spread lime efficiently.
Fertilizer spreaders are an important tool in proper and efficient distribution of compost in fields. The above mentioned products are among the best in the market. One should choose a spreader that suits his needs and budget appropriately.