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Effective Remedies for the Cloudy Pool Water

Ratnashri Dutta Dec 05, 2018
Unclean pool water not only looks bad, but it is also harmful. Learn about the various cloudy pool water remedies to prevent your swimming pool from becoming harmful for health.
After a tiring day at work, one loves to swim in a pool with clear blue and sparkling water. Or would you rather swim in a pool with dull and hazy water? Of course not! So, if your swimming pool is all dark and cloudy, no one would feel like taking a dip in it. By cloudy pool water, we mean that it is dull or does not sparkle like it is supposed to.
This scene is not only unattractive, but it's also not healthy for swimmers, as it contains bacteria and microbes which might cause infections. Hence, it's important that you know about the remedy for this situation and also about maintenance. But, before diving into that, let us see what are the causes of cloudy water in the swimming pool.


Unclear water in the pool is one of the major problems faced by owners. There are not one but many factors that lead to this problem. Some of these reasons are:

• Poor functioning of the filters, leading to poor water filtration.

• Poor water flow or circulation.

• Unbalanced pH and chemical composition of the pool water.
• Growth of algae, which occurs due to lack of proper sanitation or oxidation of the pool.

• Bacteria, suntan lotion, cosmetics, etc., from the bodies of the swimmers.

• Insufficient exposure of the pool water to sunlight. UV rays of the sun are a great source of natural oxidizers.
• The cyanuric acid level or the stabilizer level is high.

• Level of chlorine is low.

• Calcium hardness level is high.

• The level of Total Dissolved Solids or TDS of the water is too high.

• The level of metal in the water is high.


Prevention is Better than Cure

The first thing is that your pool should be clean. Drain out all the water and with a fiber brush, clean the pool. When you are sure that it's clean, refill the pool, after checking the chemical level of water. Use chlorine to kill any unwanted growth.

Baking Soda

Baking soda regulates the pH level of the water in the pool, which in turn clears the cloudiness. Put in the required amount in order to restore the pH balance of the water.

Solution of Copper

Another remedy is using a copper solution. This process involves passing the water through a pump, which will ionize it. Now, test the chemical level of the water everyday, and after that, add copper to it. Copper, when mixed with water, prevents the growth of bacteria and algae.

Use of Aluminum Sulfate

Some particles which infect the pool water cannot always be removed with a filter or skimmer's net. So, we need to use aluminum sulfate. To per 10,000 gallons of water, add about 8 ounces of this chemical.
Aluminum sulfate reacts with water to cause the tiny particles to clump together and settle down at the bottom of the pool. Now, it will be easier for you to remove the huge lump from the pool.

Use of Socks

Ask your swimmers to get down into the pool one day wearing socks. With these, they can scoot the bottom as well as the sides of the pool to remove any algae. If you do this just once a week, your swimming pool will not face the problem of cloudy water.
Socks are made up of fine fabrics, which, when placed over the return pump, catch any particles which the regular pool filters may have missed out.
Now that you know about the cloudy pool water remedies, you do not have to suffer from this problem again. Try out these remedies and then dip yourself in a pool of sparkling blue water.