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A Handy Guide on Taking Care of Clematis Plants

Bidisha Mukherjee Nov 22, 2018
Clematis plants are amazing flowering plants that can be grown in house gardens. The information given further will help you tend to the plant to reap a full blossom.
The Clematis plant is often fondly referred to as "Queen of the Climbers". The average height of these plants is 12 feet and its width may vary from 3 to 4 feet. The blooming time for this beautiful flowering plant is just after mid-summer.
It grows well in temperate climatic conditions. It requires rich, fertile soil for its growth and survival. Ideally, it should be planted during spring.

Root protection

You have to ensure that the roots do not get disturbed under any circumstances. Cover the ground with heavy mulch, bark and flat rock, so as to keep the roots from drying out.

Installation of Trellis

A trellis or fencing has to be installed to provide adequate support to the climbing tendrils of the plant. Lean the plant towards the trellis and once the leaf petioles starts growing, they will cling to the support will keep climbing upwards. The minimum height of the piece of trellis should be 5 feet.


Water the young plant once every alternate day, either in the evening or in the morning. In the winter months, the plant gets sufficient moisture from snow and rainfall. Once the root has established its base, water it only when the ground is extremely dry.


Shove compost and organic fertilizers around the plant twice a year to promote growth.


While certain varieties need to be regularly pruned, varieties like alpinas, macropetalas, the Evergreens and montanas need just a quick removal of dry twigs and leaves.