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Majestic Symbolism and Meaning of Golden Flower of Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning
Chrysanthemum meaning has always evoked a lot of interest in the minds of flower lovers. Scroll down to know more about this flower and its symbolism.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Potted Yellow Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemums, also known as chrysanths or mums, bloom in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms. While many species yield white flowers that resemble the English daisy, you will come across colorful ones as well. These flowers look beautiful in any setting and are capable of beautifying any place. No wonder these are used in flower arrangements. However, there is more to this beautiful flower than its appearance. Due to its therapeutic properties, it is used for making herbal infusions. In Japanese culture, placing a single petal of this flower at the bottom of a glass of wine is believed to enhance one's chances of leading a long and healthy life. Isn't that interesting! Not only are chrysanthemum flowers a popular choice for flower arrangements, the symbolism of this flower also arouses deep interest. An attractive red chrysanth is not just a flower, it is a symbol of love.
Chrysanthemum Meaning
Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish Father of modern taxonomy, is credited for naming this flower. The word 'Chrysanthemum' has Greek origins. The Greek prefix "Chrys" means golden while "anthemion" is the Greek word for flower. Chrysanths were originally golden in color, however, beautiful hues ranging from white, yellow, purple and red are commonly seen. This is due to the efforts made by cultivators. These flowers are categorized on the basis of their type and the arrangement of disk and ray flowers. The longer ray flowers surround the short disk flowers in the center. This flower is known by many names such as football mum, pompons and spider daisy. These perennial flowers bloom on tall slim stems and a stem could have a single or several blooms. Be it your home or workplace, these beautiful flowers can surely enliven the surroundings.
Confucius thought of this flower as an object of meditation. In Japan, the process of unfurling of the petals of this flower is believed to be reflective of perfection. In 400 AD Buddhist monks were responsible for bringing this flower to Japan. Such was the admiration for the flower, that the emperors' thrones were made or decorated with these flowers. Japan still celebrates this flower as a symbol of royalty and honor during the Festival of Happiness. Exhibitions are held for celebrating this enchanting flower. Its beauty has managed to create an impact which will remain forever. In China, chrysanths are used for medicinal purposes. It is supposed to bring life and vitality.
Chrysanthemum is the November's birth flower. It is also the 13th wedding anniversary flower. It is also popular as the official flower of many cities, one of them being Chicago. This beautiful flower is seen as a symbol of cheerfulness. And that makes it an excellent choice for happy occasions like weddings and birthdays. The irony lies in the fact that when you might be using it for weddings, in some European countries like Belgium and Austria, these signify death and are used at funerals.
The colors of this flower could signify emotions. Send these flowers if you wish to send a message of hope, joy, loyalty and long life. Give a white chrysanth to your partner to tell him/her that your love is pure and you shall always remain loyal. Red is mostly associated with love, so a red chrysanth would be perfect when you wish to send across messages of love. Yellow ones symbolize slighted love. This flower is seen as a symbol of joy, optimism and love. If you have been thinking of getting a flower tattooed on your body, why not go for a chrysanthemum. As it is, flower tattoos are popular with young girls. So you could set a style statement by getting a chrysanth tattoo. This tattoo will go well with your happy-go-lucky image.
Chrysanthemums symbolize love and optimism. You can use them in flower arrangements to enliven your home. And don't forget to drop a petal in your glass of wine, who knows it might work! Wish you a long and healthy life!
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