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Choosing Composite Decking Material

Choosing Composite Decking Material

Composite decking material is a durable and maintenance-free choice for decking. This article lists some characteristics and advantages of the same.
Gardenerdy Staff
Composite decking material is made by combining sawdust or wood fibers and plastic. The plastic and wood used are generally recycled. Usually, decking material requires no maintenance and is resistant to warping, splitting, or cracking.

It was in the 1990s that this material first began appearing, and the manufacturers' intentions had been to make environment-friendly products. They used shipping pallets that had been discarded, along with recycled plastic containers to make this material. These days however, many manufacturers are using virgin cellulose flour or fibers and plastic, or are blending recycled materials with virgin products. However, there are some that are still making it out of recycled material.

Resembles Real Wood

Both in shape and size, this material looks exactly like regular wooden planks used for the deck. You can saw and fit the ends together just as you would with wooden decking. The ends can be sawed into any shape, like rounded, or you could give it a decorative touch by using a router. However, before making any cosmetic changes to it, check if the decking you have chosen is suited for this kind of styling. Some brands may develop bubbles of air if the surface is exposed by cutting.

Easy to Install

Composite decking is designed so that it is easy to install. In fact, it is meant particularly for people who value both quality as well as convenience. It can be lifted easily since it is lightweight, and can be sawed easily. It is equipped with a clipping system that is hidden, which enables it to be installed easily while maintaining a smooth and tailored deck surface.

Easy to Maintain

One important feature is that it does not need to be sealed or stained. Wooden decks usually need to be stained at least once a year to keep them free of wood-rot and pests. However, composite material is manufactured with preservatives which deter wood-rot and pests. Hence, you do not have to spend hours sealing and staining it.

Easy to Clean

Another advantage is that very little effort is required to keep it clean, because that is the way it is manufactured. You only need to sweep it regularly and hose it down once in a while. It is ideal for homes that have children. Since there is no complicated maintenance required, children can also lend a hand in maintaining it.

Comes in Attractive Colors

Available in attractive colors, the planks are colored right through the material. The rate at which the color fades will depend on the type of material you choose. Usually, some fading occurs in the initial 10-12 weeks. However, this is a normal process as the material gets acclimatized to the humidity and temperature. If the material that you have bought has hollow edges, attention has to be paid to how the edges have been treated. While some have square ends, others come with individual caps.

Composite decking material is both a convenient as well as a quality alternative to other types of decking material. It provides the authentic look of wooden decks without the hassles. Installing this low-maintenance deck will enable you to enjoy your property much better and for a longer time.
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