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Cheap Privacy Fence Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan Dec 5, 2018
If you are not willing to spend top dollars for a privacy fence, and so, you are looking for cheap privacy fence ideas, then you have come to the right place. Here you get some inexpensive design options to install in your garden or backyard.
Privacy fences come in many designs and styles and you will be full of choices. However, being on a shoestring budget, looking for cheap privacy fence, doesn't limit the variety of options you can choose from. Though classic wooden picket fences are way out of your range, there are still many more alternatives available.

Privacy Fence on a Budget

A wooden privacy fence being expensive is no reason to not have a wood fence. Sourcing material from old, abandoned construction site, and a whole or part of wooden fence from demolition sites are great ideas. Go to garage sales and flea markets to find secondhand wood at cheap cost.
If you are lucky enough to find an old world wooden fence from a demolition site, all you need to do is cut it to a desired height, clean the fence with sandpaper, and give it a coat of paint before installing it. This will cost you less and look very attractive too.
If you live in an area where rocks and stones are easily available, you can take full advantage. A dry stone wall is an excellent idea for a fence, as it not only provides you privacy but also security. A well-constructed dry stone wall fence can last for years and it needs no maintenance.
It has an old world charm and rustic appeal and is best suited for cottage-style or colonial-style homes. To finish the rustic look, you just need to plant some flowering bushes and shrubs on the perimeter of the stone fence. If you are creatively inclined and have an eclectic taste, it is time to think out of the box for cheap privacy fences.
If you have a collection of wine bottles, you can make a beautiful bottle fence. The idea is to take different colored bottles and fill them with sand. Now, you have to stack the bottles over each other and glue them together with mortar to create this unique fence.
If you yearn for something natural and just hate the look of chain-link fence, then the solution to that is a bamboo privacy fence. Bamboo fence design plans are beautiful and eco-friendly and they are durable as well.
You can also opt for a live bamboo fence by planting bamboo on the periphery of your garden or backyard. These plants grow very quickly and you just need to prune them to the required height.
Another great way of building a low-cost privacy fence is making a lattice panel yourself with secondhand wood sourced from a building site. The lattice panel is quite easy to make and you do not need a professional.
Install the lattice panel and support it with a sturdy wooden fence post. Plant some fast growing flowering vines like morning glory and you have a privacy fence ready.