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Cheap Plants

Pragya T Feb 13, 2019
Do you wish to create a beautiful garden with different plants, but don't have a big budget? Here are tips and tricks that will help you create a garden without burning a hole in your pocket.
Gardening is a great hobby, but it can be time-consuming and can be expensive if you are doing it on a large-scale. But, there are ways to cut down the cost of many things to make this hobby affordable. If you are willing to dedicate time to care for your garden, then you can consider buying some affordable plants.

Buying Affordable Plants

Cheap Artificial Plants

There are many places and ways to get such plants. But, make sure you are able to dedicate the patience and time to grow these plants.
If you don't have much time to devote to gardening, but are just looking for some plants you can keep in or around the house, then consider going with some cheap fake plants. There are many sites where you will find good cheap artificial plants. Some of the artificial plants resemble the real plants very closely.
These plants can be found at affordable prices at many stores, the best time to shop would be during sale so that you can get extra discount. Also, there are many online stores which sell cheap artificial plants at a very low price.

Grow from Seeds

Learn what all plants you can grow from seeds easily. There are many plants which you can easily grow from seeds at home, all they ask for is proper care. But, the organic seeds of the plants that grow fast at a nursery.
Some of the plants that grow from seeds well are sweet peas, coriander herb, nasturtiums, cosmos, green beans, sweet alyssum, catnip, sunflowers, and arugula. 
You can grow these plants and even use the edible ones for cooking.

Plant Cuttings

Another way to get inexpensive plants is to swap your plant cuttings for other plant cuttings. There are many gardeners who love to share their cuttings, just collect the information on such gardeners.
Take a tour around the town and ask the gardeners if they have any good plant cuttings, which you can regrow plants from. Some gardeners might just give many plant cuttings for free to you! You can also try another method of vegetative propagation, which is growing plants through division of the runners.
Many herbs like shallots can be divided to grow new plants. Also, mint tends to sprawl from one area to another. Take off a piece of a runner of a new plant like mint, oregano, or nasturtium and plant it in the ground.

Affordable Container Plants

If you don't have much time to spend on caring for the plants, then buy some container garden plants.
Shop for them during the sale happening in plant nurseries or online. Buy them in the off season, when these plants are not preferred by gardeners, and you will be able to get some healthy plants at a good price.

Cheap Bamboo Plants

Another good and cheap plant is bamboo. Bamboo tends to regenerate itself, and once planted you don't have to plant it again, also it needs very less fertilizer and grows very fast. So, invest in bamboo and plant it in your garden for a nice oriental touch to your garden.
But, if you are looking for a cheap houseplant, then consider lucky bamboo plant, which is not real bamboo but resembles it. They also grow fast and need very low maintenance.
These were the various tips and tricks to get cheap indoor and gardening plants. However, make sure you buy healthy plants, if you don't know how to spot a healthy plant take somebody along who knows. Make sure you don't take home any affordable plants having any bugs or diseases, even if they are given to you for free.