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How to Choose Affordable Fencing Options

Rutuja Jathar Dec 10, 2018
Read the following to gain more information about fencing options, and the factors that would help you to choose them in a proper manner.
People who are not extremely gregarious, always desire for some amount of privacy while they stroll or retire in their yards. Garden fencing is a quintessential part of a house that serves various purposes.
Fence designs not only decorate the outdoors, but they also provide privacy and some relief from peeping outsiders. In the course of saving money or a tight budget, a person should always consider less expensive fencing options for their homes.

Affordable Fencing Materials

Whether you are in search of fencing ideas for pools and gardens, when it comes to cheap decorative fencing, you must be aware of cheap fencing materials used. These can be wooden picket, chicken wire, post and rail, wooden lap panel, chain link, close board, and concrete gravel boards, wire stock fencing, wrought iron, recycled wood, etc.
As we know, wooden fence styles are quite an expensive deal, but don't let its cost hinder you from having it. Places like flea markets, demolished sites, and abandoned constructions sites, are prime sources from where you can get inexpensive wooden blocks.
With minimum efforts like sandpapering and coloring, you can carry out some really stunning fencing options for backyards, as well as front yards.

Privacy Fencing

If you live in mountainous areas, then building such a type of fence is an added advantage, since you can opt for stones as a cheap fencing option. It provides a country-like rustic appearance to your yard, and it also comes at very less costs.

Fencing for Dogs

Owning pets comes with responsibility of their safety as well. You need to make sure that your pets like goats, pigs, horses, and dogs stay inside the yard. If you are in search of some cheap pet fences, then let me tell you that there are plenty of options available.
Materials that can be used to carry out fencing for horses, dogs, and other pet animals include wooden fencing, smooth wire fencing, barbed wire fencing, meshed wire fencing, plastic fencing, recycled fencing from flea markets, and electric fencing.
Two most popular affordable fence ideas for dogs are the invisible and electric fencing.

Cost for Fencing

It's important to be aware of various cost ranges for garden fencing. The expenses depend on the type of materials and purpose of the fencing. Hence, you cannot compare two different types of fences on the same accounts.
For instance, you cannot compare cost of chain link fence with that of invisible fence cost, since both have their own functional areas. You need to take total yard area into consideration before estimating the total costing. On an average, a 50 feet wide and 100 feet long yard requires about 300 linear feet fencing.
It means that fencing one acre of yard requires about 1070 feet of fencing. Along with the area, you also need to consider the cost of gates, steep slopes, and other unusual obstacles.