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Chain Link Fence Parts You Should Know About Before Installing One

Chain Link Fence Parts
Installing a chain link fencing is easy in comparison to other fences. The basic chain link fence parts along with the accessories required are mentioned below...
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
The chain link fence is one of the most commonly used, since its parts are easily available and it is also very easy to install. Some basic components include wires that are bent in a zig-zag manner and posts. This kind of fencing is generally used in securing playgrounds, highways, airports, residences, etc. Nowadays, kennels for dogs, too, are commonly constructed with it. If you are planning to install it in any way, it is essential that you are aware about the various parts that comprise a chain link fence.
  • The posts are used to provide support to the installation. They are of two types, terminal and intermediate. The former are positioned at corners while the latter are inserted at regular intervals between the terminal posts.
  • Floor flange fittings serve the purpose of mounting posts used for the fencing. These are attached to the posts with screws and bolts. Post floor flanges are round discs used for many different purposes. These are commonly welded to the bottom of posts.
  • Panels are ready-made installations of wire meshes with a frame of steel tubings. Since the wire mesh is already attached to the frames of such panels, one has to just place them in appropriate positions.
  • Attaching the wire mesh to posts requires fittings like tension bands. Depending on the height of the posts, the number of tension bands to be used are determined.
  • Nowadays, the slats used to cover fences are available in a variety of materials. They are generally prepared from aluminum and vinyl. Specialty of aluminum slats is that they are rust-free and available in various sizes and colors. Hedge-shaped vinyl slats too are used these days and can be installed easily.
  • Railings used for the installation of fencing are galvanized, i.e., they are coated either with vinyl or powder. Standard colors of rails are dark brown, black, or dark green.
  • The gate latches are also an important component of this assembly. They are available in different sizes. For example, the 'Strongarm latch' is easy to install, it doesn't require a drop rod. It can be welded or thru-bolted to the gate-frame for security.
Extra Parts
Line post tops and terminal post caps are important accessories, too. Other parts which are used in the installation are clamps, brace bands, etc. End rail clamps are useful in the installation of braces on fences. Bolts and fasteners are required to fit the assembly to posts. Carriage bolts are used for the purpose of fitting. Tie wires are used to attach chain link fabric to posts and railings. Brace bands are very much useful in securing horizontal wires, barbwire, and bottom tension wire to the terminal posts.
The parts used for installation of this fence vary with the purpose, modifications, and variety. You may draw your to-buy list based on these factors and your requirements.
Nut and bolt
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Chain link Fence