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Factors That Determine the Cost of a Chain-link Fence

Chain-link Fence Cost
Chain-link fences have become very common and popular these days. It not only helps in securing your property, but marks a boundary around your house or property as well. If you are looking to get such a fence for your house, you should know how much it costs and how it's calculated.
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Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018
Besides sprucing up the look of your property, chain-link fences provide some degree of security to your property as well. Though a few modern houses use these fences for decorative purposes, there is no denying that the security value that comes as a bonus of installing chain-link fences is the main purpose why they are installed. Thanks to the various materials that these fences can be made of, it has become very affordable to install such a fence, and these days you can see such fences on most commercial and some residential properties as well. Also known as cyclone fences, the ease of installation, the strength and durability, and the fact that different fence designs can be easily incorporated make this a popular choice of fence. If you have decided to get this fence installed, you should be aware that there are different factors that influence the cost. The most basic of chain-link fence cost around USD 8 per foot for a 3 inch height fence. However you also need to take into account the installation charges which might be anything between USD 40-50 for every 150-200 feet of fence installed.
Factors Influencing the Cost
As with any product, there are different factors that influence the cost as well. The place you are residing in is a part of the cost factor, as is the supplier you order materials from. Obviously the area that needs to be fenced in, and the type of material you choose are the two biggest factors that will influence the cost. Depending on how high you want your fence also makes a difference in the cost. Chain-link fences usually come 42", 48", 60", and 72" high. Estimates are only that - estimates - and your final price can only be decided after you have consulted with a contractor and nailed down all the details. The prices mentioned in the following section are the industry average of what it will cost to install a chain-link fence around your property.
Cost of Chain-link Fences
Prices are usually calculated as cost per foot. Though prices fluctuate greatly, depending on the price of steel, chain-link fencing prices per foot hover roughly around the USD 8 mark. Ornamental steel costs more, and costs of ornamental steel fences can go right up to USD 30 per foot mark. Steel is the best and the cheapest option for chain-link fences, but there are other materials you can choose from if you so desire. Besides ornamental steel, galvanized chain-link fabric and fused bonded chain-link fabric are other options. These can cost anywhere between USD 9-12 per foot. You can also opt for something known as vinyl fences. These use fused bonded colored metal, coated with a PVC layer. This makes it durable and reduces the chances of catching rust. However, these are typically more expensive and cost anywhere between USD 14-22 per foot.
Apart from the material costs, you may have to pay installation charges of up to USD 50 for every 150-200 feet of fence installed. This expense can be done away with if you know how to install chain-link fencing. One thing you need to remember while buying a chain-link fence is longevity and appearance. While such a fence costs much less compared to wooden and ornamental fences, you might find your savings being countered by extra maintenance costs as compared to other types of fences. Wrought iron and steel fences are the easiest to maintain, while vinyl fences are the best as most of them come with a lifetime warranty.
Besides the per foot cost of the fence, and the installation charges, there will be other expenses that you will have to incur as well, like installing gates and such. Prices for these will differ depending on the model you choose. Likewise, if you are going to be customizing any aspect of the fence, the costs will be higher. For basic purposes, an initial cost of about USD 8 per foot of the fence, and USD 50 per 150 foot of installation is what you should go by, but remember to keep some money aside for the additional expenses as well.
While cost concern is surely an influencing factor while selecting a fence, don't forget the main reason for buying a fencing in the first place. Irrespective of the cost, make sure that the material you choose is going to fulfill the purpose of security.
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