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Cedar Fence Posts

What are Cedar Fence Posts And How to Install Them?

Cedar fencing has become a concept worth the acceptance for homeowners and commercial entrepreneurs who are thoroughly interested in securing their privacy by constructing a wooden fence. Read on to know more.
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2019
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Cedar fencing would cost much more than other methods employed to ensure privacy, but the purpose it provides makes up for the costing that you may find hard to digest. Cedar fences are to the core flexible where style is concerned.
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Why just involve the insides of your home to make you feel confident about your dwelling, the outsides count as well! Cedar fence posts are preferred in natural tones; however, if one wants to experiment with the color schemes, painting the fence will serve the purpose.
What are Cedar Fence Posts
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Fences made of wood as its dominant material has the potential to crack and develop crevices, as time elapses. Nevertheless, fences made with cedar offer durability that is not the least comparable to the durability provided by any other wood.
With cedar, you can rest assured that crevices and dents will not affect your fence appearance. On the contrary, it will add life to your fence. Moreover, there are no maintenance hassles with regards to the cedar fence posts. The cedar wood fence will adjust its moisture content in accordance to the atmosphere.
It is indeed moisture flexible. It is high on the aesthetic factor as well. Cedar fence posts have a number of advantages apart from the flexibility and the durability factor. It consist of chemical compounds that curb the formation of mold, rot, and is regarded successful in repelling insects and keeping termites and other pests at bay.
Caution can be administered while planting shrubs and plants close to the cedar fence. Cedar fence posts are durable and are not susceptible to corrode easily; however, if the fences are constantly exposed to areas where moisture resides, corrosion can take place.
Cedar fence posts -- when offered for sale -- could be obtained in lumber yards and is available in custom sizes as well. When we consider the aesthetic relevance of the cedar, it consists of a reddish-brown tinge to deliver to the cedar fence design.
It is advisable to polish, rather than oil the cedar wood, in order to preserve the fence from corroding. To install the fence, you could either resort to doing the activity by yourself, taking help from a fellow mate, or assign the task to a contractor. This will help in saving your time and energy as well.
The wood from the red cedar tree could be used to make red cedar fence posts. As the name suggests, red cedar wood has a reddish tinge to it that delivers a component of natural texture to the fence. The red cedar wood is obtained from an evergreen tree.
The wood is hard and fragrant and produces oil that is used in aromatherapy products. Red cedar could be used to make the cedar fence posts. Red cedar consists of a white colored sapwood. This sapwood surrounds the red wood that is cocooned beneath the sapwood.
Installing Cedar Fence Posts
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The installation process of the cedar is rather difficult for those who are trying their hand at it for the very first time. Understand the fence design properly before you start. Here is the installation procedure.
✦ You must first dig holes for the fencing. The area must be marked in order to facilitate the installation. The holes should be 10 to 12 inches in diameter.
✦ Bury just one-third of the post adding 3-6 inches of gravel. Using a post hole digger, you could attain the perfect post hole, a hole that is narrow at the top and broader in diameter at the bottom. Placing 3-6 inches of gravel and rocks will help in retaining the hole in place and drain the water from the bottom, thereby preserving the wood from rotting.
✦ The ends that would be directly exposed to the ground must be sealed and oiled, which makes them last for long and prevents them from countering moisture.

✦ To retain the natural look of the cedar wood, staining only the cedar wood at the bottom ends is recommended. Staining the entire length will not be good idea, indeed.
✦ Begin installing the posts from the corner cedar post. You must fill the hole completely, rather more than enough and recline it down to the trowel.

✦ Crown the bottom with cement to avoid water pooling and fix the cedar post rigidly when the cement is moist making the process less stressful.
✦ Secure the ends of the corner posts with a string and adjust their heights and leveling by subtracting from or adding to the existing gravel quantity in the holes. This will give you a straight line on which you could base the installation of the next cedar posts. Confirm the level and height of each post before you move to installing the next one.
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Cedar fence posts lend a cottage feel to your home, and where landscaping is concerned, you don't have to work on that anymore, this fence posts taking care of it!