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Cedar Fence Designs for an Exotic Garden

Aparna Jadhav Dec 5, 2018
Every home has different cedar fence designs which are as unique as the homes and do a great job of complementing them. Find more such ideas given here.
Fences are requirements of homes and there's a lot you can do with their designs. Though they are considered to be built as the final touches to a house, they are made beautifully to give the house an organized look. Fences mean security and privacy.
If you have a big yard either in the front or the back of the house, you must have a fence to secure a boundary for the house. There are many materials which are used to build these fences, the most common being wood (more specifically, wood of cedar trees).
The reason cedar is such an appropriate choice is because this wood can be designed in elegant ways and looks beautiful around the house. Therefore if you want a fence which complements the exterior of your home, take a look at some wonderful cedar fence design options here.
When you build a fence around your home, you want it to look great and different from the others you have seen. Since cedar is one of the best woods which is used for building fences, there are many cedar designs available.
Cedar wood is weatherproof and stays for many years, unaffected by termites and other fungal infections. Hence, a border fence need not be a simple collection of shapeless and rustic wood planks. It can be designed in different shapes, sizes and patterns to give your yard an attractive look.


Since cedar is a type of wood, the fence made out of it looks great when it has a natural rustic look to it. Many people love to keep this natural look, as wood fence styles go very well with the exteriors of most houses with lovely gardens around.
The Western Red Cedar wood is also one such material which looks raw even if it is varnished well. You can have combinations of two types of cedars also to make the fence look unique yet attractive. You can have interesting designs like high, vertical, and crossed fences which give a very Victorian look to the surrounding. The cost is not very high too.


Usually, cedar fences are more than 5 feet high and include cedar planks joint together vertically to give a more private feeling. But there are a few patterns which include planks of cedar attached horizontally with one vertical plank after certain sections.
Horizontal fences give the house a very country look as these patterns are followed for equine fencing built around horse and cattle stables. Though these fences look very homely and simple, they can be painted white, with flowering creepers growing on them. Painting these fences increases its durability and keeps them away from wearing.

Privacy Fence Designs

There are other designs to provide more privacy to the house. These are usually built in tall vertical patterns with highest section in a crossed manner. They are built for homes with an indoor yard, a patio or a personalized backyard, landscaped securely.
Wooden privacy fences also have a large gate with a roof to make it look grand and elegant. You can surely decorate these fences by planting beautiful ornamental plants around it as well as over it to give it a homely touch. These fences look very beautiful.
With such a wide variety of ideas for these designs, you can definitely use this wonderful wood to build your fence. So, be creative and design the fence around your home, such that it stays for years.