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Cedar Fence Cost

If you need to know the cost of putting up a new cedar fence, this article will be a helpful read.
Gardenerdy Staff
Cedar fences are one of the most popular choices for homeowners because of the ease of putting them up and the rustic look they provide to the landscape. Putting fences around a house has more than just a decorative or aesthetic purpose. It gives you a feeling of security. Besides that, it helps contain pets within the property and stops trespassers from entering. Cedar fences are opted for because of the solidity and elegant look they provide to a landscape. This durable type of wood has been the prime choice for building or installing a split rail fence, in the countryside, for years.
It is important that you conduct a cost analysis of the whole project before you go ahead. That way, you can have a realistic idea about how much it may cost. I provide you with some numbers here, that will give you a general picture.
Building a Cedar Fence
The first job that you need to do before you can begin anything, is take measurements. Determine the exact linear length of the fence that you will require. Once you have the actual dimensions, draw up a rough scaled plan of the whole fencing project.
Decide on a style and the total height for the fence. Split rail fences are the easiest to construct. Other than these, you can opt for a lot many other designs. You could also paint the fence if you want.
Determine the number of poles you will need to put up the fence, along with the number of logs. Plan out where you would like to put a gate and work out all the materials you'll need for its construction. Each and every fence post installation will require a pouring of concrete at the base, for strengthening and stability. Make a list of building materials or inventory of the things you'll need. Look for a good local contractor who could do the job for you.
How Much Does it Cost?
In general, the major factors that affect the cost are the price of cedar wood, cost of putting up gates, and labor costs. My research revealed that the cost per foot, for putting up a 6 feet fence, is about USD 10, if you hire a contractor to do the job.
The average price of building a 400 feet long fence, along with two gates, would be around USD 4,000. In general, the cost may range from USD 1,600 to as much as USD 5,000, depending on the dimensions.
These numbers can give you a rough idea of what you can expect the cost to be. To get an exact idea, you may need to call up your local contractors, who put up fences. Ask around the neighborhood for fence construction costs. Inquire at the local timber market for the prices of cedar, when making a cost estimate.
The major share in the cost, is of the wood itself. Other than that, the labor costs can make the overall price of the project go higher.