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Carolina Allspice

Sheeba Nambiar Mar 11, 2019
Carolina allspice is a border shrub that is popular for its fragrance. Let's know, where it can be found, how it can be grown, and some other facts about this plant.
Carolina allspice, also known as Calycanthus Floridus, grows in the Appalachian mountains in eastern North America and also in the Smoky mountains in southeastern United States.
These shrubs are known for their unique fragrance which is mild, and yet strong enough to perfume an entire yard or the area surrounding it. Both its flowers and leaves are aromatic.
The leaves grow fast and are four to eight feet tall. It is native to North Carolina, and is called allspice as it has a spicy aroma, unlike other flowers. This shrub is also known as sweet shrub and the common names are sweet shade and bubby blossom or bubby sweet. Its fragrance is like a mix of pineapple, banana, and strawberry, with a spicy hint to it.

Some Facts

✦ Carolina allspice should not be confused with the allspice tree or plant which has berries. Berries are poisonous in nature, and although natural, should not be used as a food spice.

✦ As the blossoms are strawberry colored and have a fruity smell, they are nicknamed as strawberry bush or shrub.
✦ Rubbing the leaves in the hands releases a spicy aroma.

✦ This shrub usually grows to about 4 to 8 feet tall, but may go up to 10 feet.

✦ It has been said that before the times of body washes and deodorants, women used to place these flowers in their dresses for fragrance, and that is how the nick name bubby blossoms originated.
✦ Besides a strawberry color, the blossoms also appear in colors such as dark maroon, burgundy, and even bronze.

✦ This shrub is deciduous in nature.

Growing Conditions

Seeds of this shrub are available at nurseries, and it is easy to grow. A temperature ranging between -25°F to 30°F is tolerable for this plant. It does not require much sunlight, and can grow in both full and partial shade.
Soil pH ranging between 6.1-7.5 is best suited for it. It does not require daily watering, once every couple of days is enough; and also at times of drought or extremely dry conditions.
Growing Carolina allspice does not require much of gardening skills as long as the conditions are quite favorable. It is a good additive to add taste to foods, and also as a seasoning.