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Can Slit Seeding Help My Lawn?

Sudip Paul Oct 18, 2019
There’s a lot of lawn maintenance methods such as pre-emergent control of weeds, over seeding or aeration. Because of this, it may be a bit confusing especially for the people who are not familiar with this.
Most people will ask ”What is slit seeding?”, “Does slice seeding and slit seeding different?“ or “How can it help my dying lawn?”. And this is why we created this article to answer the following common queries.

What Exactly Is Slit Seeding and Its Advantages?

Slit seeding, also known as slice seeding is a method that you can use to restore the lawn to its former beauty. To achieve this, you need a piece of equipment called “slice or slit seeder”. This machine has a row of steel blades that slices the ground.
Whenever it slices the ground, it drops the grass seeds into the openings which makes the seeds to have direct contact with the soil.
If you will compare this method with traditional overseeding, it is far better and superior because the seeds will burrow inside the soil. While on over seeder, it only scatters the seeds around your turf which would result in the low chance of germination.
Slit Seeder machine is professional planters of seed. This machine can also adjust the blades to create a proper depth depending on the type of seed that you are going to plant. If you use this method, your lawn will surely improve a lot.

Slit Seeder Disadvantage

Slit seeder may be superior but it has a drawback and won’t be effective in some cases. For example, if your turf has a lot of thatch, it won’t be able to penetrate the ground properly. If you are not familiar with thatch, it is a jumbled or loose layer of stems, roots or dead shoots around the surface of the soil.
If your backyard has a thick thatch, seeds won’t be able to reach the soil and they will not germinate. Thick thatch also prevents the air, water, and nutrients. Make sure that you remove these if you are planning to use slit seeder on your lawn.

What to Do After You Sliced Seeded Your Lawn?

To become successful, the lawn must be watered on a daily basis. This will help to boost the seed's germination rate. The seedlings also need proper sunlight, so make sure that your grass won’t get too tall to prevent shading the newly planted seeds.

When Is the Good Time to Seed Slice My Lawn?

The great time to start this is the fall season. During this period, the air is cool, and the soil is warm making the weeds weak. This is the perfect time for the grass seeds to germinate.

Final Words

The slit seeder is a great method for reviving your lawn. However, applying this method may not always be the right solution. A lawn expert must visit and see what kind of backyard you have. They are the one who will recommend you which method is the best suitable for you.