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Butterfly Garden Design Tips

Tips on How to Design an Inviting Butterfly Garden

Planning to design a butterfly garden? If yes, you have come to the right place! Here are some butterfly garden design tips to make it happen.
Neha Rajan Deshmukh
Last Updated: Jan 4, 2019
Three butterflies on pink flowers in a garden
If you have some space near your backyard or near the main entrance of your house, you can surely turn it into a beautiful butterfly garden. For that, you need to be ready with some butterfly garden plans so that the cost can be calculated well in advance.
Constructing the Garden
Lush Green Garden
To begin with, you need to think about certain important things. Firstly, the entire garden has to comfort the butterflies so that they can stay there for long. Plant a lot of nectar plants, which butterflies feed on. You also need to make it very attractive.
Young man working in the garden
Now, the first step to design a butterfly garden is to actually construct it using bricks and stones. If you are a creative person, make use of colored stones and draw a boundary. You can also build a beautiful fence using thin bamboo sticks and an aluminum wire.
Simply tie the bamboo sticks with the wire and place them in a circular manner. You will have to dig the ground a bit so that the bamboo sticks are fixed properly. You can make use of some cement to prevent the bamboos from falling down in case of heavy rains or winds.
Botanical Garden
Leave some space to make a small gate just to accommodate one person at a time. When that is done, you need do allot a place for a small puddle where butterflies breed. Preferably, let the puddle be in the center. Decorate the boundary of the puddle with red or black colored bricks.
Planting Flowers
Senior Couple Gardening In Their Backyard Garden
Once the garden has been constructed, you need to plant as many flowers as you can. Considering the diameter of the garden, plant nectar plants of a variety of colors, one beside the other. Choose plants, which bloom frequently and need almost no maintenance.
Butterfly Hibiscus
Butterflies are very active in the mid summer. Hence, make sure you plant maximum nectar plants in that period. You can add to the beauty by planting flowers with similar shades together so that they give a weaving look when they grow.
Palm And Hibiscus
Also, do not forget to plant palm trees as they give a lot of shade when it is very much required in summer. Butterfly weed, zinnias, butterfly bush, bee balm, etc., would be a good choice to start with the plantation program as they need less maintenance.
Pink Rose And A Butterfly
Later, you can try planting button roses, lilies, dahlias and periwinkles. These plants need to be taken care of but look very adorable when they bloom. Keep some sweet smelling flowering plants in your garden as butterflies are attracted towards them.
Butterfly Garden Design Guide
Skipper butterfly on flower
Once the necessities are taken care of, you can try adding some extra glow to your garden by trying these innovative ideas.
Hanging flower baskets
✦ Hanging plants look very pretty. Try using them in your butterfly garden. Plant climbers that grow very soon and beautify the surrounding even more.
Vibrant Floral Outdoor Garden
✦ You can have a little waterfall on one side of your garden. Add a boundary to it using big white stones.

✦ You can make use of big rocks, color them or get them designed from a painter and then place them. They will surely give a magical touch to your butterfly garden.
Beautiful flower garden
✦ Place some small wooden benches that can accommodate not more than two people. Color those benches with bright shades such as yellow, red or blue.
Little Girl Painting Bird House
✦ You can make a little bird house using a wooden box and hang it somewhere to attract birds and butterflies.
✦ Hang small silver colored bells to the climbers and other hanging plants to give your butterfly garden a musical touch.

✦ You can place colored, broken pieces of glass in the puddle to make it even more attractive.
Butterfly On A Camomile
Thus, these were some design tips that you can use to make your garden an amazing place in your vicinity. Don't forget to water the plants after regular intervals. Also, avoid excessive use of pesticides as it might kill the larva.
Peacock butterfly pollinating daisy flower
Change the water in the puddle every week to keep it clean and free from mosquitoes. Lastly, do have a great time enjoying in the garden that you designed for yourself.