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Butterfly Bush Pruning

Pragya T Jan 22, 2019
Butterfly bush pruning is important, not just to maintain the shape of the bush. Pruning also avoids this fast growing bush from killing other plants, which grow in its vicinity. Here are guidelines on pruning butterfly bush, to help you in the job.
Butterfly bushes are very hardy plants, which can tolerate cold and frost conditions, and can even recover from heavy pruning. As already mentioned pruning is necessary not just to maintain growth and shape of the plant, but also to protect other plants nearby this bush. These bushes when pruned properly, can even grow more blossoms.
These bushes have beautiful vibrant flowers, and exotic fragrant leaves. This bush is called butterfly bush because, during the spring season you will see it attracting butterflies of various colors. But, not just that, it also attracts hummingbirds and other beneficial insects because of its sweet nectar filed flowers.

Pruning Time

One can prune butterfly bush any time of the year, however pruning butterfly bush plant during the colder climates is recommended. One should prune this bush when it is in its dormant stage. Because, if you trim the butterfly bush during the growing season, then you might accidentally end up cutting the beautiful blossoms of this bush.
One can also trim this bush during the spring season. If you wish to prune this bush during spring season, then make sure you maintain a height of 3 feet of the bush. Pruning during the spring season will promote growth of new blossoms, and one might even get to see the new growth within a few weeks of pruning.
If you are pruning the bush during its dormant stage, then you can prune the bush even to the ground level. However, keeping it to a feet high above the ground is recommended for butterfly bush care. But even if you prune it to the ground level, you don't have to worry as these bushes grow quickly, and you will notice new growth soon with prolific flowering.

How to Prune Butterfly Bush

There is no hard and fast rule of how to prune the butterfly bush. But here are tips that will guide you in cutting and growing butterfly bush better. So, pick a suitable time with the above information to prune butterfly bushes. First remove, any dead or diseased branches. Maintain the proper height while pruning.
For pruning the bush you will need the appropriate pruning tools, a pair of sharp bypass pruning tool and a pair or sharp shears should be enough. You can also apply diluted mouthwash after cutting a diseased branch.
By applying a little amount of mouthwash on the cut branch, it will protect the tree from any infection. So, once you get rid of the dry, dead and diseased stem, maintain a height of 2-3 feet for the healthy branches.
You can do mulching to control weeds, because these bushes are hardy and can tolerate frost conditions. You can cut the plant into any shape you like. It is best to maintain a natural shape of the bush, rather than shaping it into a rectangular shape. However, you can go with a rectangular shape if you are using this bush as a hedge plant.

Additional Butterfly Bush Care Tips

This is a low on maintenance plant, and can tolerate even highly alkaline soils, and drought conditions. The only important things to remember while growing this plant is to plant it in a proper site, and maintain a good watering and pruning regime.
Butterfly bush planting should be done in a well rained soil, and site which receives minimum 8 hours of sunlight in the day. During the early days of the plant's growth, water regularly especially during hot summer.
Once the bush establishes, watering requirement falls drastically. Then you can water it once or twice a month. Once in a while you can also supplement the soil with a good quality organic fertilizer.
These were the guidelines on pruning on butterfly bush, and other care tips for this bush. So, follow the above instructions to maintain the growth and shape of this bush.