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3 Ways to Build a Porch Swing

Palmira S Mar 2, 2019
Is your child demanding a swing in the porch? Want to make it yourself? These simple procedures and instructions should guide you in building some of the easiest porch swings.
A swing has always been a great addition to any home. Be it in the garden, in the porch, or in the balcony―it always adds positively to the entire décor. While building one isn't a difficult task, choosing a design is.
There are various styles in which you can build, and several materials that you can use. It is always a better idea to first finalize on a budget and then choose a design accordingly. To help you zero in on one, we've listed three procedures that you can choose from. Let's check them out.

Procedure 1:

  • The materials required for building a porch swing are wood slats for the seat and backing, steel chain or heavy nylon rope, screws, eye hooks, bolts, hammer, nails, cushions, fabric, outdoor paint, and weather treatment varnish.
  • A porch swing can be made from materials like cedar, maple, teak, oak, pine, etc.; choose a material according to the style, type of backing, and seat you would want.
  • Depending on the comfort you desire, the seat depth should be between 36 to 48 inches. There should also be a slight slant or curve, which will enhance the look and add to the comfort.
  • Leave a 2-inch gap between the wooden slats for sufficient air flow. You can buy pretreated wood slats or paint them with a color which will match the color of your outdoor porch.
  • The width of the swing should be such that it will accommodate at least 3 people at a time. The size of the outdoor porch should also be considered while constructing the swing.
  • Bolt eye hooks in the roof and then hang the porch swing using a steel chain or sturdy nylon rope. With this method, you can make a porch swing which will be an amazing addition to your modular home.

Procedure 2:

  • The materials you will require now are five 4x4-feet posts, two sets of A frame brackets, four 2x4-feet posts, drill, and paint.
  • Cut four posts of size 4x4 and attach the frame brackets to them. Join the ends in such a way that they form a 'V' shape.
  • Bolt the 2x4-feet posts at the center of the V-shaped post, which will thus form an 'A' shape, that will hold your porch swing.
  • Attach the A-shaped frame to one of the 4x4-feet posts. The swing will hang from this bar.
  • Swing bolts come along with A-frame brackets. Determine the size of the swing and place these bolts in such a way, that the swing will be centered within the 'A' frame you have constructed.
  • For hanging the swing from this frame, secure the porch swing chains to the bolts.
  • Finally, you are ready to place the A-frame porch swing in its desired location. If you are planning to place it in the lawn, then in order to protect it from deterioration, you will have to paint it.

Procedure 3:

  • The materials required for making this kind of porch are: two pieces of wood with a 2½-inch diameter and 20-inch length, and two more pieces of 1¼-inch diameter and 40-inch length.
  • To make the seat, a piece of canvas or stout cloth should be used which has 16-inch diameter and 50-inch length.
  • The short pieces of wood will be attached to make the end of the chair. Drill a 1-inch hole at each end with two more holes at a distance of 1½ inches from the ends. The next step is to cut the grooves, which will make place to fasten the ropes.
  • The long pieces of wood need to be used for making the other two sides. A tenon is cut on each of the ends in order to fit into the 1-inch holes drilled at the end.
  • Attach ropes to the large screw eye or hook and hang the chair from the porch ceiling. With this, you complete the procedure of making a swing porch.
Last but not the least, always remember to keep the swing well oiled and rust free to prevent rust stains and squeaks produced with time.