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Your Guide to Building a Deck Bench

Deeptee A Dec 13, 2018
One of the best deck designs is inclusion of a bench. Building one on your own is a good and satisfying project. Here's a guide for you in this regard.
If you have a barbecue or invited friends on drinks, your house deck is the ideal place for such get-togethers. What if you have called many people for a party and you realize there is not enough space on your deck?
You also realize that by adding a few chairs, your problem is not going to be solved as there will hardly be any place for everyone to move. There will also be limited space for you to serve the food. Besides, the chairs in your house won't match with your deck design.
Now what? Either you buy patio furniture or you build a bench. Of the two alternatives, the latter can be a good option as it is not only easy to do, but it will also save you space, time, and money. How? Let's find out.
Before building furniture for your deck, check for few things. You can have a backless bench or one with a back which acts as a railing for the deck. You may want built-in benches if you have rail already. Based on your design, decide if they will be in bricks or wood. Consult an interior decorator if you are unsure. Next, there are other things to be done.
  1. Make a list of the things and tools needed, like measuring tape, circular saw, lumber, hammer, power drill, galvanized deck screws, nails, bolts, brackets.
  2. Get all the tools from the hardware store. From a lumber shop, buy wood like teak for teak furniture or wicker for wicker furniture.
  3. Decide the measurements of benches based on the space available.
Decide where do you want them to be and draw up deck building plans accordingly. Either look up on the internet for a plan or make one of your own. Now that you have all the required materials with you and your plan is ready, let us look at how to build the seating.

Frame and Seat

Cut the frame and seats according to your measurements from the lumber. On the basis of your home decorating theme, create your own deck bench design. While making the seat, it is ideal to make it with more than two planks.
Keep some distance between the planks. This distance will not allow accumulation of water on the seat and will also help in keeping the seat cool.

Frame Assembly

Decide where you want the seating based on your railing design. First, drill in some holes in the ground to fix the legs or support for the benches. Screw the seat on the legs. Seal with the help of wood glue.
Next assemble the back on the seat. Keep the back a little tilted if you intend on relaxing on this seating. Next comes the assembly of the hands. Repeat this process with all the other benches on your deck. Remember to seal with wood glue and use bolts and screws of good quality.


Get the plywood sheet of your choice. Cut out the sheet in the shapes and dimensions required and paste them on the benches. Sand the seat and the back to get rid of all the rough edges.
The next procedure is to paint it according to the porch decor. You can stain it to match the wood flooring color. Your simple deck bench is ready to be used.
So, isn't building a deck bench easy, fun, and economical? You could make this into a family project or could invite a few friends over to help you. Enjoy your party and all the compliments of your guests!