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Building an Outdoor Brick Fireplace

Building an Outdoor Brick Fireplace
One of the most extraordinary things to have in the house is a fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are extremely tranquil and satisfying to just sit back, relax and enjoy. The eternal crackling sound of the fire on a cold evening brings about a very warm homely feeling.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
Who wouldn't like to spend a warm romantic winter evening alongside an outdoor brick fireplace? Many people dream of owning fireplaces of their own. It affords quality time that you can enjoy with your friends and loved ones. Hence, here we have for you some brick fireplace designs that will make you feel as nostalgic as ever.
Brick Fireplace Design
Attractive front elevation of the fireplace that is made of bricks will enhance the front yard beauty of your house and will give it a rich and classy look. There is a huge array of fireplace designs available at any home improvement store. Fireplaces are basically constructed to meet the basic needs of being useful rather than being stylish or luxurious.
While Choosing an Outdoor Fireplace
It is important to select the toughest fireplace. It must be able to endure all seasons, including rust. It must also be grease and carbon-black resistant, and it must absorb oil. Your fireplace is going to be your investment and exterior enhancer of a house, so it's up to you to protect it with a good color sealant.
The first and foremost factor is the location of the fireplace. Beginners may make the mistake of placing the fireplace in an inappropriate area, which for the most part of it will lead the charm away. So, in my opinion, the best place to build a fireplace is outside one's house, probably in the front yard. It will raise the aesthetic esteem as well as enhance the beauty of your outdoors. When you plan to build an outdoor fireplace, it certainly helps to increase your landscape value and at the same time enjoy an evening cooking up some barbecues. They are accessible in all seasons and could be provided with gas fuel if you wish.

Building an outdoor brick fireplace may seem like a tedious task but looking at its benefits, you will be certain that your efforts will be well worth the fruits you will reap. A fireplace made of bricks enhances the definitive value of your dwelling. Bricks always add an extra bit of charm to the fireplace, that's the reason why even though it was first used in constructing fireplaces over 10,000 years ago, it is still preferred by a lot of people even today, that itself is testament to its appeal.
How to Build a Brick Fireplace Outdoor
Step 1
cleaning the ground
~ Decide on an ideal place in your front yard. Clean it totally off shrubs, plants and debris.

~ The face of the fireplace must be exactly opposite to the direction of the wind. Also avoid placing it under trees or electric poles.
Step 2
man digging ground for fireplace
~ Dig out a 10" deep area to cover all the sides of the fireplace square.

~ Now fill the hole with approximately 3 inches of mixed cement and the rest of the space with gravel.

~ The base is ready. Let the cement dry out completely for a day or two.
Step 3
wooden frame for outdoor fireplace
~ Make a wooden frame of three 2x4 sizes wooden forms. Attach them to each other using a nail gun.

~ Make a plywood frame to fit into the firebox. Close the base of the frame with two 2x4 frames.
Step 4
building fireplace with bricks
~ The bricks must be placed on the outdoor fireplace mantel.

~ Fix the bricks with the help of mortar.

~ Spray enough water on the bricks a day before installation. Arrange the bricks in the bottom of the fireplace without any trench mortar.
Step 5
determining the height of the fireplace
~ Trace a layout of the outsides of the bricks. Now remove the bricks and fill the inside of the tracing with a layer of mortar.

~ Place the bricks again on the mortar, beginning from the corner, start building the walls up to your desired height.

~ Butter the bricks with mortar according to the level of each layer.
Step 6
completing the outdoor fireplace
~ After you're done with that, you can always use roofing to cover the top of the fireplace, preferably metal.

~ Mortar the top of the sheet again with a layer of bricks and your fireplace is ready for use.
A chimney is not necessary if you are planning to burn only charcoal. If, and only if, you are planning to burn wood as fuel, should such a fireplace have a chimney at its top. This chimney should be covered with a cap to protect it from water and snow during the winters. Go through these fireplace safety tips to avoid any untoward events.
You can even build your fireplace with a little space so that you can accommodate a tray or mesh for a barbecue or something on those lines. Building your outdoor brick fireplace in the right place will save you most of the trouble. To avoid further inconvenience, investigate the fireplace once a year preferably before every winter. Also, keep a lookout for cracks that you might encounter in the mortar. You can also build a fireplace in the exterior wall of your house. An outdoor fireplace certainly provides a grand look to your house. Such fireplaces are ideal if you're going the DIY way.
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