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Awesome Brick Fence Designs for Elegant-looking Outdoors

Brick Fence Designs
Coming up with brick fence designs is not so difficult, especially when you have some interesting tips to help you jazz them up a little. Take a look at the design ideas presented below, which will help you create your brick fence just the way you like it.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
The use of brickwork has an old-world charm, the elegance of which is not easily matched up by the use of any other material. Of course, it can be wonderfully manipulated to suit a modern taste too. When combined with other fencing materials, a brick fence will give you superior aesthetics, as well as a strong and durable means of protecting your residence. Whether it is an exposed brick wall, or simply a brick fence, its style and beauty is completely unrivaled. Though it is a slightly expensive option, it is definitely one that is long lasting, has little maintenance requirements, and the variety of designs you can experiment with are endless. Here, we discuss these designs, and how you can make the most of this classic, rustic element to adorn the exterior of your residence and protect it.
Design Ideas
When deciding on a brick fence design, there are a lot of options that come to mind: patterns, shapes, materials, colors, etc. These elements of brickwork can be exquisitely utilized to serve as a privacy fence, as well as provide the necessary aesthetics. Here, you can take a look at a few tips that will help you create designs that you think are best suited for your residence.
  • First keep in mind that a brick fence should match the exterior of your house. Usually, a Victorian house would be able to allow brickwork to stand out. For more modern styles, using gray bricks instead of the traditional red bricks is a good idea, as it appears more subtle.
  • Try and include a wrought iron fence to create an interestingly unique and elegant combination for a fence. Use pillars made of bricks, and wrought iron fences between two pillars. The same can be done even with picket fences. The space between two pillars need not necessarily be horizontal. You can also have it curved and then install the wrought iron fence above it.
  • Another interesting use of brick fences with an additional material is brick pillars with bamboo. This will give a more modern appearance to your entire fence . Between two brick pillars, place bamboos in a crisscross pattern for the ultimate visual appeal. You can even paint the bamboos to go along with your overall color scheme. However, the strength that is provided by this design in terms of security cannot be guaranteed.
  • If you wish to use only bricks for your fence, get creative and create beautiful and unusual patterns with your designs. See-through brick fences with ornate cut-outs will help you show off the classic architecture of your home as well as your rich lawn. For a more modern look, simply create long but narrow, horizontal or vertical cut-outs as a fence design. For a combined look, and If you wish to add some more design to it, use a simple wrought iron design within each cut-out, along with some creepers running around it. Only after actually seeing this design will you believe how beautiful it can look.
  • Try out different brickwork patterns, such as the herringbone or the basket weave for your brick fence.
  • For your backyard, using a high brick fence is the best way to ensure the security of your premises. This however, does not mean you have a lack of fence design ideas with bricks. Have a solid brick wall built around the premise, and highlight it with the presence of some brick columns to break the monotony of a plain brick wall. Have certain sculptures put up on those long walls, such as a lion head fountain that functions as a wonderful focal point for your backyard. If this is where all the action happens, using this design is a great way to heighten its visual appeal. Else have some plants growing along those walls, or create your own hanging garden in your backyard.
These were simply a few key design ideas for brick fences that you can manipulate to create some unique designs yourself. Don't stick to traditional patterns; think out of the box and utilize this simple yet elegant design element to the fullest, by implementing the aforementioned designs.
Old gray stone wall and blue sky
Brick Wall against a blue sky in Italy