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Brick Fence

Types And Advantages of a Brick Fence And Tips to Install One

The brick fence has been used since ages to build privacy fences and to accent the house. Let us discuss the benefits, the various types, and how to pick the right type of brick fence.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Brick fences are very durable and can last for generations, they bring style and class to the fencing which other materials can't give.They are very popular and can be seen around many houses, offices, or other buildings. There are multiple brick fence designs from which homeowners can choose. Brick walls come in various colors.
A brick fence apart from having an aesthetic appeal has many other functional benefits too. It provides a security brick wall, which can prevent intruders from breaking in. It also helps to block noise from busy streets, and thus these fences make a good choice of privacy fence, if you are living near a busy road. They provide a protective boundary wall for your property. They not only increase the security for your house, but also give a stylish privacy wall appearance. They help contribute to landscaping themes. With good ideas you can create great-looking fence designs. A brick border fence provides a safe wall enclosure for young children and pets.
There are basically two types of brick fences, which are closed fences and open fences. Closed brick privacy fence designs are brick walls which have no gaps in them. They are used to provide privacy to the yard and hence are usually build quite tall. These walls also help to buffer the sound. Using closed brick fences you can choose from multiple designs to create eye-catching walls, as bricks are quite versatile. You can create accenting pillars or occasional bricks which tend to protrude from the wall to show the texture.
The second type is the open fence design, which is used to accent the beauty of the house and yard. These fences are usually build lower than the closed fences, so people passing by can look over the fences to see the yard and the house. These fences generally contain brick pillars or posts which are connected to each other by iron fence panels or sometimes by wooden fence panels. Some other designs have brick fence designs which have pillars or posts connected with lower brick walls. However, homeowners can pick other unique designs and don't have to be limited by the typical fence designs.
You can call a contractor in your area to look at the designs and styles of the brick fence and get an estimate of the total cost. While getting a brick fencing installed, keep in mind these tips. Choose the front brick design which matches with the look of your house. Also, for wall decorations choose styles which are similar to your house, for example you can pick fence posts, arches, coloring, and accents of brick fence which go with the house.
You can either consider an open fence with wrought iron or wooden panels to show off the yard, or go with closed fence panels if you need privacy. Choose the right brick coloring and patterns. It's not necessary to go with the traditional red brick color, unless you want to. There are many colors of bricks available like white, gray, brown, and oranges shades. You can also pick grainier bricks which have multiple colors or use a combination of bricks to create a beautiful-looking brick fence.
Brick is made out of porous clay, which makes it susceptible to absorbing water and thus can be damaged in freezing temperatures or due to weathering. If you live in such areas where these problems are faced, then you can consider going for concrete bricks which are a popular choice for creating brick fences.
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