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Information on Bonsai Trees for Beginners

Kundan Pandey Jan 1, 2019
Bonsai trees are used as popular adornments in varied places like apartments and offices. For beginners, it may seem an easy task to grow these, but caring for them demands patience and commitment. Let us understand how to care for these in the following sections.
The trend of growing small trees that don't occupy large spaces has become very popular these days. Adding to that, home gardening has also gained a lot of momentum, because it adds to the beauty of the house and is also eco-friendly.
Which is why, bonsai trees have become a common choice for many home garden lovers. Though it is not very difficult to grow these, some tips can surely help to take proper care of the same.

Bonsai Tree History

The origin of bonsai trees dates back to around two thousand years ago in ancient China. A very common misconception that prevails among the masses and layman who are not aware of the technicalities of the bonsai tree is that the word 'bonsai' encompasses a broader category of miniature trees that are created through various techniques.
The term bonsai in Japanese means 'Tray cultivation' while in the Chinese culture it is known as 'Penzai' which also means 'tray cultivation'. The culture of growing bonsai trees flourished in China, where trees were worshiped as a valuable art form.
These trees were cultivated in small pots, and it was from this practice that this form of cultivation spread to other countries.

Bonsai Tree Care


Watering the trees is the most important step that ensures healthy growth of the same. Water the bonsai daily. Depending on the season, fix the most suitable time of the day to do this task. Besides watering the pot, sprinkle water on the plant body and leaves--this allows unclogging of leave pores which have been clogged due to external pollutants.
Don't use pipes from which water flows at high speed, because the force tends to wash away the upper layer of the soil.

Feeding Nutrients

The nutrients and fertilizers used for the soil must be mild and natural--harsh, and artificial chemicals will destroy the plant. Prefer natural fertilizers like manures that do not lead to any side effects.


Pruning the tree is an essential step in maintaining its steady growth. Both, trimming of roots, and nipping of new buds is important.
Many farms that have specialized in growing and caring for bonsai trees have opened shops that offer a wide variety of these beautiful trees. The bonsai trees need to be dealt with proper care and concern. Only then will they grow out well and live for many years.