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Bonsai Tree Care Instructions

Rashida Khilawala Feb 8, 2019
Bonsai Trees are miniaturized in size, using specific techniques to make them so. There are some instructions on how to care for these trees, which you should be aware of.
'Bonsai' is a Japanese word for a miniature tree grown in a bon, which is a tray-like pot used for this purpose. It is an ancient Japanese art form, which originated from the Chinese tradition of penjing. This creation is an age-old concept, where you can find some bonsai trees that are over 150 years old.
In Chinese, it is known as 'Penzai'. For a long time, this technique was passed down from generation to generation, but was never made public. However, the secret soon got out, and the concept of having one's favorite trees in the house by miniaturizing them, became very popular. A lot of people practice it as a hobby.
It is a careful art and a specific science of shaping, watering, and re-potting the plant in various containers, using a particular method. They can be created from any wood-stemmed or shrub plants that branch out. The size is confined with crown and root pruning. Here are few instructions to follow while caring for these trees.

Plant Psychology

You need to understand the needs of your plant. Like human beings, plants have environmental requirements, too, specific to their nature. For example, if you have a bonsai of a tropical tree, then the cold weather will not fare too well for it. Hence, irrespective of the size of the trees, their needs have to be met in order for them to remain healthy.

Diet Control

You need to ensure that you water the bonsai properly. For normal-sized plants, over- or under-watering at times, does not make a big difference, as they have the capacity to work around it. But, this cannot be done for miniaturized plants, as they need to be watered with just the right quantity to prevent them from dehydrating or water-logging.

Outdoor creature

Barring a few climatic specifications, these trees are inherently outdoorsy. They should not be mistaken as domestic, just because of their size. They love the outdoors and thrive in fresh air. However, they are not as rugged and strong as regular trees, so decide to what extent they can stay out. It is always advisable to conduct proper research.
Other than these guidelines, make sure that, like other plants, you treat your bonsai nicely. Plants thrive when treated with love. So, occasional music (moderate volume) and quality conversations, can do wonders for this plant.