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Bluestone Patio

Bluestone Patio
A bluestone patio is one where the flooring is made from a stone which is blue in color. This stone enhances the look of the patio greatly. Here is some information about the same.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2019
Patios are one of those home improvement ideas that you should consider when you own a backyard or garden. They look stylish, beautiful, and are convenient for putting up an umbrella and relaxing.
Stylish patio with furnishings
Many people have various types of outdoor patios which are built using unique stones, tiles, and concrete with beautiful designs to make them look attractive and comfortable. One such idea is building a patio using bluestone.
Commonly used in many American homes, the bluestone is actually a feldspathic sandstone found along the border of New York and Pennsylvania. It is 1 to 2 inches thick, with the layers laid on each other. It also has a unique blend of various colors like blue, green, lilac, and earth colors, which makes it very popular.
Ideas for Designs
It is not necessary to use this stone only for the patio, you can also use it inside the house for flooring purposes. However, because the colors of these tiles are so attractive, they are normally used for exteriors.
This stone can be laid on the verandas as well as patios to give the home exteriors a calm and quiet feel. But if you are going to choose this stone, you will have to arrange for a good budget as it is a tad expensive.
In the Backyard
Wonderful Backyard
One of the popular places to use this stone is in the backyard. Backyard designs are always expected to be unique, attractive, comfortable, pleasing to the eyes, and long-lasting.
When you build a patio in your backyard, it can be used for various purposes like relaxing, holding parties, or simply landscaping around it.
For the Pool Deck
Swimming pool in backyard
This patio can also be built for a swimming pool deck. To add the element of style, you can build designs in various shapes like circles, squares, or zigzags with the grass growing between the lines.
Gardening around this deck can also be a great idea, or you can simply add a few potted, flowering, and ornamental plants around or at the corners of the patio.
In the Veranda
Long table and chairs on veranda in luxury villa exterior
If you don't have a backyard, garden, or pool, you can use these stones on your veranda. You can use it on the stairs, or make bluestone pavers for seating arrangements.
Since a veranda or porch is the most commonly used outdoor space, you can add a few hanging flower plants to it, with potted palms on each side of the main door. A lamp on the wall will light up the patio in the evenings.
Bluestone will make your patio look classy and nice. Use it wisely while decorating.