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Symbolic Meaning of Blue Roses That'll Leave You Stupefied

Blue Rose Meaning
If you can manage to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, then you may as well, come across the blue rose. The meaning of blue rose is as fictional as the rose itself. Being an element of imagination, blue rose has always been portrayed in art and literature.
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
Due to genetic limitations, the blue rose cannot exist naturally. The flower rose lacks the specific gene or pigmentation which has the ability to produce colors of true blue. Sometimes, a purple or lavender rose may somewhat appear like a blue rose in certain light. Also, many florists dye white roses with a natural blue dye, and create false-named blue roses. However, with the help of genetic engineering, it is possible for gardeners and greenhouses to reproduce the traits for the color blue in roses. And the same was accomplished by a Japanese company in the year 2004. However, the rose did not have the 'true blue' but a darker color.

What Does the Blue Rose Signify?

  • Blue rose has been a fragmentation of the wishful, imaginative and free pieces of mind. Its quest has been going on for centuries, and several florists are still on with their endeavor. In some cultures, the blue rose is analogized to the Holy Grail (chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper) thus, is considered as the same in the world of roses.
  • Given its non-existence, and the longing for its presence in the world of flora, the blue rose symbolizes unattainableness. It represents something which is destined to remain as a dream, and as a never-to-be-fulfilled wish.
  • Some people regard the blue rose as an exhibition of inner feelings of love at first sight. It is also attributed as a synonym for an impossible or unrequited love. And there are some cultures who associate the blue rose with royal blood; regal majesty and splendor.
  • Accomplishing the impossible, fighting all odds, and new beginnings can also be represented by the blue rose. When we choose a path which has an untold, unexplained beginning, our heart gets crowded with feelings which are too deep to be described in words. Such an excitement can also be expressed through a blue rose.
  • The rose cold also highlight a personality that is too complex to decipher or one that does not favor easy interpretation.
  • Given the fact that the blue rose is a result of fabrication, and not a true product of nature, it may also signify the power of being manipulative.
  • A blue rose or a bouquet of blue roses serves as a suitable gift for occasions like birthdays, journeys, a venture, etc., as they symbolize new beginnings in life. On the other hand, it may not be an appropriate present for someone you wish to begin a relationship with, unless the other person is aware about its meaning.
  • The meaning of the blue rose could also be in sync with the quote which goes, "some doors should never be opened."

Here are some meanings of roses of different colors, other than blue.
  • White Rose - divine love, spirituality, purity, innocence, spiritual union, secrecy, worthiness and an expression of remembrance.
  • Red Roses - passion, love, respect, courage, and congratulations. In China, it symbolizes happiness.
  • Pink Roses - sweetness, admiration, grace, elegance, appreciation, and joyfulness.
  • Orange - desire, enthusiasm, pride, warmth and energy.
  • Yellow - friendship, joy, welcome, care, gladness and delight.
  • Lavender - majestic, opulence, glory, enthrallment and love at first sight
  • Black Rose - rebirth, new beginnings, death, and farewell.
And with this, I would like to take your leave. Now that I know the meaning of roses, I got to get some for my near and dear ones. Why don't you too get a bouquet of some sweet smelling roses of your choice? Leaving you with this poem...

Roses red and roses white
Plucked I for my love's delight.
She would none of all my posies
Bade me gather her blue roses.

Half the world I wandered through,
Seeking where such flowers grew.
Half the world unto my quest
Answered me with laugh and jest.

Home I came at wintertide,
But my silly love had died
Seeking with her latest breath
Roses from the arms of Death.

It may be beyond the grave
She shall find what she would have.
Mine was but an idle quest

Roses white and red are best!
- Rudyard Kipling.
Blue Rose II
Bouquet of blue rose lying
Symbolic Red White And Blue Roses