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Awesome Information About the Beautiful Bird of Paradise Flowers

Bird of Paradise Flower
The bird of paradise plant gets its name from the colors of its flower, which resembles a bird species of the same name. Let us discuss more about this resemblance, and care instructions one needs to follow to grow flowers on this plant...
Pragya T
Last Updated: Jan 3, 2019
Beautiful Red Flower Strelitzia Reginae
The bird of paradise are a group of plants which belong to the strelitziagenus. The different plants of this group produce flowers which have their own kaleidoscopic colors. One species of this group of plants produces flowers which have beautiful colors of blue, yellow, and orange.
Strelitzia Reginae Flower
These colors of the flowers resemble the colors of the male bird of paradise and hence the name. A male bird has a big plumage and long feathers which are in shades of yellow and white, with brownish/orangish body feathers and a blue beak.
Strelitzia Nicolai or White Bird of Paradise
However, there is one species which produces flowers that are white in color with a hint of blue. Given here is more information on the different species of strelitzia plants; that will help you choose the variety of the plant, and the care instructions to grow these plants.
Plant Varieties
Strelitzia Nicolai
This is also known as the white or giant bird of paradise and can be grown as a houseplant or in the garden. If you wish to grow flowers on this plant, then it is important to plant it outdoors in the sun. This plant is mostly opted for its banana-shaped leaves.
Strelitzia Reginae
This plant is also known as crane lily and is a good choice for home gardeners. It is the easiest to maintain plant, but patience is required for growing this plant as it grows very slowly. This plant gets orange and blue-petaled flowers.
Strelitzia Alba
This plant more known as the white bird of paradise gets flowers which have white and blue petals. This plant is more of a tree as it grows up to 20 feet in height, which makes it unsuitable for home gardens.
Strelitzia Caudata
This rare plant is also known as mountain strelitzia. It can be used as a house plant and has similar flowers to the alba and nicolai species.
Strelitzia Juncea
This plant can stand a bit of frost, but it grows very slowly and after few years its leaves start disappearing and the plant becomes a reed. It gets flowers that has bright-yellow and orange petals.
Plant Care Instructions
Choose the right variety of the plant. You can buy the plant online or from your local plant nursery. Here are the important tips you need to follow when growing these plants.
  • Plant it on a sunny site and maintain well-drained soil.
  • Maintain moist soil during the growing season which is from spring till summer.
  • Keep pruning the plants regularly and always prune out the new suckers.
  • Don't provide any fertilizer to this plant as it doesn't like any salts.
  • After the first flowers appear, the mature plant can be divided to increase the stock.
Bird Of Paradise
So, maintain the given instructions for the plant and within few years you will be rewarded with the beautiful flowers.