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Best Types of Porch Swings to Buy

What are the Best Types of Porch Swings to Buy? Find Out Right Here

Planning to buy a porch swing? Here's what you can look out for! To know how you can buy the best type of porch swing and make it look beautiful, read the article.
Neha Rajan Deshmukh
Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018
Swings are a perfect place to relax. Moreover, if you have a porch or a backyard, that can be the best place to hang your swing. After a long and tiring day, drinking a cup of coffee or eating a bowl of ice-cream sitting on the swing can gladden your mood. Swings are one of the warmest places in the house where you can rejoice your old memories or simply relax listening to soft jazz or karaoke. It is a place where you can rekindle your love for each other. Also, a place where you can even cherish your loneliness. I would suggest you to hang it in the porch as it is a place from where you can have a wide view of what all is going around in the vicinity. At times, you can simply sit there and watch the city lights. Nothing can be more peaceful than lying in your porch swing. Here are some tips that you can consider while you buy it for your home.
Analyze Your Porch
Find out the size of your porch because that is eventually going to determine the size of the swing. Obviously, you won't want to make your porch look even smaller by hanging a huge swing out there. Select a place in the porch where you would want to hang it. Make sure you don't hang it near the door otherwise you will restrict the reach of the swing. Also, make it a point to choose a place near a wall for safety purposes. The type of porch swing shall also be a determinant factor. If it is meant only for two people, the space requirement will be less, while if it is meant for four people or more, the space requirement is surely going to be more. Hence, decide that first and then plan the space accordingly. Also, take into consideration the view you want to have when you sit on the porch swing. That will determine the direction of the swing. At times, you will have to drill nails and then hang the swing. Some swings come with their own support stands and hence require no drilling. So, even this factor shall determine the exact location in your porch to hang the swing
Types of Porch Swings
Porch swings come in a variety of types. The design, durability and use of a porch swing depends on the material used. Wooden porch swings give a classy and a designer look. They are not only known for their looks but also for comfort they provide. You can get them made according to your size requirements. You will have to decide upon the type of wood to be used because that will determine how heavy or light your swing will be. Probably, cedar is the best option you can think of. It is known for its durability and resistance to natural rot. Teak, cypress or ash are also some of the types of wood that you can try. Though every type has its own natural color, that won't stop you from experimenting with colors. These days, a variety of wood polish are available that can allow you to paint your porch swing in blue, yellow, red or any other color you desire. Apart from wood, you can also try going for an iron porch swing. Though it is strong and classy, there is a couple of problems associated with it. Firstly, it has greater chances of rusting, especially in the rainy season and secondly, it is very heavy.
So, hanging the porch swing might seem a difficult task. If you plan to go for a lighter one, you may compromise on the quality. So, be careful when you buy it. You can use wicker as the material for your swing. It is durable and shall give a traditional look. At times, they need more maintenance and hence are less preferred. Also, size can be another matter of concern when it comes to wicker. So, make sure you actually take into consideration all these points and then decide. For a better choice, you may visit the outdoor shops as many as possible. Also, shopping from the internet is also a good idea. But, I would recommend you to physically go to a shop and then buy as you can actually sit on the swing and feel the comfort. Also, the quality can be better tested when you see and touch the product. You may have to spend between $100 to $800 for the porch swing. Here are some pictures that will help you get an idea of your perfect porch swing.
Where it's Just Me and my Joy...
Man sitting on swing
A porch swing meant only for one, can be as peaceful as a sound sleep. After a day of worries, how about spending the evening on the swing with a soft jazz at your ears? I am sure, you'll love it. You can browse through what is available on the market and order a ready-made or get the swing custom-made so that, you can have your own say on the shape, material and the color of the swing. You can get it done in the shape of a hemisphere as it is one of the best ways to let your back relax. Usually, such a type of swing is made up of wood to give it a natural look. Hang it using jute strings instead of iron chains to retain that artistic look. Make sure you don't place such a type of a swing near a wall. Let it have its reach and enjoy swinging around! Don't forget to place a soft seating cushion so that it adds to your time of joy.
Low wooden swing
This is another type of a porch swing where just the two of you can have the time of the day. Such swings are easily available in the market. You can fold your legs and sip coffee there. The plank on which you sit is broad and very near to the ground. Such a type of swing is made up of wood only and you may or may not place cushions on it. The wood itself is smooth enough to make you feel at peace. You can hang it using iron or steel chains to give it a strong support. You won't be able to sway to a greater length as the swing is very near to the ground. It is a place where you can sit, sway and enjoy it while chatting with a buddy!
Where Thoughts Pour in...
Wicker swings
Wicker is another material which is specially used for comfort. More than wood, wicker lets your spine relax. Moreover, You can mold it into whichever shape you want and make it look classy and compact. Swaying around on a wicker porch swing is a fun beyond definition! It has huge reach thus making you swing to the fullest. The benefit of using wicker is that it adjusts according to the shape of your body. Make sure you hang it at a height well above the ground and use wicker strings only for the purpose. That way, you won't hamper the classic look of your porch swing. A wicker porch swing can be the best place to relax and have a sound sleep. You may even work on your important projects there. If not, you never know when a poetry might just flow out of your mind. Do pen it down!
The Classic Place to Click a Picture...
White porch swing
What can be better than to have a gala time with your family and make sweet memories for days to come? If you want to experience it, choose the typical but classic design of a porch swing. A classic porch swing is just like a sofa, just that it is hanged. It is a perfect place to click snaps and save them in your heart for a long time. It is usually made up of wood. You can paint it in red, yellow or blue as well. That will make your porch stand out! Hang it using iron chains. Place soft cushions and relax. You can also make the back of the swing, a designer piece. Get it carved or painted in a funky way just to add to the gladness.
Where I can be myself...
Brown wooden porch swing
This is another example of a wooden porch swing that can allow you to sway to a great limit. Such a swing is usually made up of cane or jute. It can accommodate only one person at a time. Cane makes you recline and relax. You'll have to place a soft seating cushion as cane is pretty hard to sit on. This type of a swing is the best addition to a small porch or even to a gallery. It can be a place where you can actually rejoice all the good moments you have spend with the special people in your life. Late at night when you feel like reading a book or simply sit doing nothing, your porch swing can accompany you always!
Some Tips for Your Porch Swing
The most important thing that can change the entire look of the swing is the type of cushions you use. You can try different seating and resting cushions that can make the swing look very attractive and beautiful. They will play an important role in changing your mood when you sit on the swing. Mix and match the cushions and use colors of your choice to make them look pretty. Try cotton, velvet and silk as the materials for cushion covers. Make them look funky, stylish or ethnic by experimenting with them. You can even beautify the vicinity around your porch so that it makes you feel good when you sit there. Get some flowering and sweet smelling plants to lift your mood. That way, you'll love being there and cherish the moments spent there!
I hope you have enjoyed reading these tips! So, go ahead and buy the best one for yourself. Once you buy it, make sure you care for it and keep it clean always. After all, it is going to be one of those places in your house where love and warmth will reside!